Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's been far too LONG.......I'm back to Posting

Miss Millie

This summer has been one eventful ride.....and I'm not sure if it was to build character or teach me more patience...one thing this journey has been is humbling beyond belief.

I finally have a home to call home at least for awhile. (Until it sells)

I am still looking for a JOB!

I had to break down and get Internet service.......(a cost I really do not want to endure right now but must) it helps to have it to find a JOB.

Through everything I have had the support of an AMAZING family. I have had the opportunity to spend additional time with and build stronger relationships with.

I love being with Miss Millie all day long and dreaming of the day that this will be a permanent situation.......

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take the family up Payson Canyon and set up a campfire.....cook hot dogs and roast marshmallows......A perfect ending to a perfect day!
Colby, Makenna, James, Madison & Craig

Miss Millie and Aaron