Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Change is always uncertain in ones life....just as the seasons change so does every aspect in ones life. We cannot control it for the most part it just happens.

I am so grateful for loving and good examples in my life. My Grandma Colby was such a person. She demonstrated unconditional love and a will for life. She loved life to it's fullest. She never had a lot of money but I never heard her once complain. All I heard was how grateful she was for everything she had....Especially her family. She was faithful to her husband, family and to God. I could not ask for a better example in my life.

She was so determine to live to be 100 and she almost made it. She passed away at the age of 99. I will always love the memories of her and all that she did for me. I am even more grateful that I acted upon promptings to go and visit her just recently and to take my kids with me. She fell in love with Miss Millie and couldn't get enough of her. I will never forget watching Craig cry as he hugged her to say good bye. It was so touching.....he has such a tender heart.

Thanks Grandma for all the loving are truly blessed. Oh the happy reunion on the other side with her sweetheart and child.

She was laid to rest on December 15, 2009 I just wish I could have been there but my thoughts were of you all day.....I will miss you deeply.

Another change was that we laid our dog of 15 years to rest on Saturday. She was a faithful companion to my children. Where ever they went she went. If they went to a friends house she would follow and stayed by the door until they were ready to leave. I always knew what house my kids were at by walking around and seeing where Socks was. One time Craig disappeared and we could not find him. Socks was in a frantic trying to get our attention. We clued in and started to follow her. We had a hard time keeping up....She led us to a fast moving creek due to all the run off from the winter....Craig was there. He was only 4 I hate to think what could have happen had it not been for Socks protective nature.

And yet another house sold! I have had extreme mixed emotions about it all.... I didn't think that coming back I would get so attached. After the divorce I was the one that left the house...Then Richard got married and the house sat empty. I moved back in in August to prepare the house for sale. I have gotten reattached to my home. We built the house in 1998 and have lots of memories here....It's very scary for me to think I won't be here anymore. I think of all my kids Craig is having the hardest time. So I'm trying to spend some extra time with him.....
Change is hard and when your young sometimes you don't understand it.

Life is good and change happens all the time....Just when we get comfortable or think nothing more can happen we get a little reminder that sometimes we have no control......

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow, Snow and more Snow

Just a quick note on what has been happening here......SNOW....and Freezing temps.

These were taken Tuesday morning as we were heading to work. It was freezing so I was not so interested in getting the perfect shot....just a memory of Miss Millie and how much snow we got in two days.

Miss Millie loves the snow and all the pretty we drive she says "Moor Lits" although I know she is saying more lights....she is pretty fun right now. I love every second with her and all my kids. They are so amazing.....