Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

My kids woke up early this morning... you would have thought it was Christmas around our house. They could not wait to get their costumes on for school. Millie even woke up with excitment. I guess it was just in the air this morning.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just Couldn't Get Any Better Then This!

You know when you go to pick up your child at the sitters and they are so excited to see you and you can't get to them fast enough. Then they throw theirs arms around your neck and kiss you and hug you and smile the biggest smile. Then you go to the car and all you hear in the back seat of the car is giggles and this talk that sound like aliens speaking. Kind of a cross between Spanish, Chinese and English...... You hear them talking and you know that they are trying to communicate to you about their wonderful day and all the adventures that they had and they are sure that you are understanding every word because you are just talking right back. Having a full fledged conversation that really doesn't make any sense to either one of you. But it is basically one of the best conversations EVER!

I get home to see that my yard is getting some new landscaping and I am so excited because I really hated my front yard. Now all the wood chips are gone so when I mow the lawn I won't come away with battle wounds from the chips smacking me just about anywhere imaginable. I go inside and I hear "MILLIE'S HOME" and the kids hurry to take her out of the car seat. Which really isn't fast enough for anyone. Then Millie wraps her arms around Maddie's neck and gives her a huge hug and tons of kisses. She then puts her down and off she goes! Millie is home and taking control of the house. After being home for just a few minutes we again place Millie in the car seat and head to Wal-Mart. Now if anyone knows the Wal-Mart by my home. It is probably one of my least favorite places to go. I HATE IT THERE. So we hurry through the store to make our purchases and of course we just went there for three items and walked out with a basket full of things. Did I tell you I HATE IT THERE. But the entertainment was the cutest little girl sitting in the basket, MILLIE. We would walk a little then she would want one of us to lean over and give her a kiss. Can you see the game that we started. I'm sure we looked silly but how can you pass this up. Madison needed to get a pair of shoes. It seems like we are buying her a pair of shoes about ever three months, she is growing like a weed. We get to the shoes section and I put the basket to the side so that we are not blocking the walk way and I proceed to help Madison pick out what she wants. Then to my amazement I hear a crash and look over and Millie is just grinning from ear to ear. She had pulled down a small box with about twenty pairs of shoes. Now just a little side note on Millie, she can spend hours in my closet just playing with my shoes. SHE LOVES SHOES. So for her this pretty much was the greatest discovery. How can it get any better for her. We hurried and made the purchase and headed home to make dinner. Madison needed to get a report done so I helped her with that and Kenna fixed dinner for everyone. Millie got her banana and was again the happiest little girl. Since I was trying to focus all my attention on helping Madison I decided to give Millie a piece of the banana thinking that she would just eat it. OH WAS I WRONG..... OK you are all thinking "What was she thinking?"..... you see what is coming next don't you? Yep that's right we had banana everywhere and again the happiest little girl ever. She was smearing it all over the floor, cabinets, her and I'm sure in a couple of days I will find more places that she smeared it. We got it cleaned up but not without tears of disappointment. Boy was she MAD. Maddie got her report done on John Wesley Powell and I got an email from her teacher today saying she did a wonderful job with her report and her presentation. I am so glad that is over..... she was very stressed the last couple of days. And I'm sure she is relieved that she has that out of the way.

Life was very fun at my home last night and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Well here is another Friday and can I say that time it just going by too fast. It just seems like the older you get the faster time flies by. I have so many blessings in my life to some they might seem silly but honestly I feel like every little things can be counted as a blessing.

I have been blessed with Costa Vida. Yep that's right! They have THE Best Smothered Pork Burrito I have tasted and I get the craving for it on a weekly basis. YUMMY!

I have been blessed with modern transportation. This came into play just this last week. Instead of dealing with a fussy baby for 10+ hours I only had a fussy baby for a total of 1 hour.

I have been blessed with Key Lime Pie. Just about one of the best pies around and sooooo refreshing.

I have been blessed with the beauty of Gerber Daisies. Just Love Them!

I have been blessed with Computers. Although I wonder if modern technology is a curse sometimes. This is definitely a "love, hate" relationship.

I have been blessed with Good Books. Just getting lost in a good book is so much better then vegging out in front of the T.V.

And last but one of my favorites is I have been blessed with the convenience of Sundance being so close to home. I love picking up Millie from the sitters and driving up there just to sit and listen to the stream and smell the mountain air and relax and think.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day Four Coronado Island

Today we woke up to get ready for church. But what better way to wake up then your daughter kissing and loving on you. I could have stayed in bed for a very long time if I knew that she had the energy and the attention to keep that up. It doesn't get any better then this.

We got ready and headed out the door to attend Sacrament Meeting with my Aunt and Uncle in El Cajon. We arrived with not a moment to spare and this is only because I gave my dad a hard time about wanting to leave so early. Remember I have a one year old that I have to chase, I don't get the chance to just sit and listen to the music before hand. So if any of you remembers what it is like to have a little one my Sacrament Meeting goes something like this. We sit and make it through the opening song. She gets a little restless and by this time is ready for a nap. Having a child that really only goes to sleep when she is in her bed is a struggle when you are having to hold her and entertain her to keep her quiet. Then there is the opening prayer I can tell at this point if we are going to have a good experience or a bad one and this morning when she started to cry during the opening prayer I knew that we were in for the long haul today. After the prayer I stood up with Millie in arm and headed towards the mother's lounge. My policy is "If Momma ain't happy no one's happy". Just trying to teach her that at no point during church is this a playground, or that it is ok for her to throw a trantrum just so she can run around. If she gets taken out then she has to sit. Well she screamed and she screamed and she screamed and I could keep writing this but I think you get the point. Oh if only there were an extra set of hands some days..... After the first speaker and seeing that she was not going to budge on this I proceeded to look of another room that would allow her to walk around and I could at least try to get some spiritual enlightenment.... We found the empty Relief Society room. (Now at this point you are going to say that I must eat my words.) I shut the doors turned up the speakers and sat down and let Millie have her freedom. This was working out perfectly, she was happy and I was relived. With only 15 minutes to spare I got a terrible whiff of something. That's right! Millie had a surprise for me and it wasn't going to be pleasant. Problem.... bag was back in the chapel. So I sat there baring the smell and waited for the meeting to end to head back to retrieve the bag. Once all was said and done and feeling like I had listened to just enough to fill part of my spiritual bucket we headed over to the nursing home to visit my Grandmother. "98" years old. She just lit up when she saw Millie. Over and over again she kept pleading to hold her. We sat and visited with her but of course she really doesn't remember anything so all the visiting was going on between the other adults and Grammy and Millie just did their own thing. Almost like one child to another. Millie was sharing her Cheetos with Grammy and sometimes Grammy would get upset if Millie walked off to soon with her Cheeto in hand. I think that when Christ said we must become like little children to enter into his kingdom he was in reference to what happens when we become old. I love this lady and I still remember her as an elect lady with all the poise and passion for life. This is just a shell that she has become but inside sleeping is the lady that I love and remember.

After visiting with Grammy we heading out to eat. I know it's Sunday. After eating we headed back to the condo to let Millie sleep and let the rest of us relax. We were driving in the car and I was seating next to Millie and in one second she was playing and the next she was out like a light I laughed so hard. It was so funny, just like in the movies. Oh my sweet little angel. My parents decided to rest in the condo and I headed to the beach to (you guessed it ) READ..... This was so relaxing that I actually feel asleep for a while. I did get my reading in and enjoyed listening to the sound of the ocean when I realized that I was freezing so I summoned for a jacket to be brought to me. (Just kidding) I asked if my Mom could bring me my long sleeve shirt. This I did for two reasons. I was cold and I wanted some company..... It worked out perfectly and we sat and visited for a while.

We decided to head back and by this time my brother David had arrived from Arizona. He is in San Diego this week on business. Oh my gosh did Millie light up when she saw him...... Hug, hug, hug..... and giggle, giggle, giggle..... Playing hide and seek with Uncle David became her favorite. We headed out again for dinner. (I know it's Sunday) but when your hungry you gota eat, right? We headed to the a really good hamburger joint on the Island it is the Burger Lounge and it is everything that we heard.... OK we were just walking up the street trying to decide on a place to eat and a couple sitting outside this place told us this will be the best burger you have ever eaten. (I wondered if they were paid to sit outside and say that.) We decided to give it a try and it was worth the try. I think that every time that I make this trip I will be having at least on of my meals at this place. YUMMY!

We ate and enjoyed the company and Millie enjoyed feeding David and I...... then we headed for the beach to take one last evening walk. It was a little cooler so we put on our jackets and it was so much fun.. Millie was so excited that David was there and proceeded to play with him and laugh.... She started doing this really funny laugh with him and I wonder if this will be just their little thing. After enjoying the beach we again headed back to the condo to see if we could put our little tornado to rest but NOPE!!!! She was still wanting to play.... Finally after the second attempt she decided she was tired and out she went. We pulled out the Rook cards and everyone had to teach me how to play. We had a lot of laughs and fun playing and surprisingly I was on the winning team, Thanks to David.....

This has been the most relaxing and wonderful trip. Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me to relax and enjoy the moment..... Love ya, tons.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day Three Continue:

Tonight I took a walk along the beach. There were mixed feelings in this walk. I was alone and was able to do alot of thinking on the other hand I wish that I had someone there to share it with. Well at least I was able to relax and do a considerable amount of thinking. I'm not so sure yet if this is a good thing!

Day Three Coronado Island

OK our days really don't start off until after 12:00 like I mentioned before. Millie has been sleeping so good while we have been here that it is worth the trip to let her sleep. After she woke up from her nap we headed for the beach. I think Millie would take off and swim in the ocean if she could. It was all I could do to stop her from just running right into the ocean. She would squeal and think that this is the most wonderful thing. She always has loved the water and it really shows here. She loves playing in the sand. I think I have a beach babe here, What do you think? Blond and blue eyes, I'm in trouble!

After we left the beach we had to come back to the condo to get cleaned up again and then we headed towards Main Street on Coronado Island. I thought that I would pick something up as a memento of us being here. Well I had to second guess that choice because things are just way to expensive here. We walked around and just enjoyed the atmosphere of this wonderful town. We found a cute little ice cream shop to stop and get some treats. We were just leaving when we were approached by a group of couples doing a scavenger hunt. (They were very nice and about my age, they looked like they were having so much fun.) They came up to us and told us that they only had one more thing to get for their final item on the hunt and that was a picture of a babies bottom. I said no problem I didn't mind Millie posing for this shot since she is defiantly camera read and knows all about what it takes to have a picture taken. Then when I got Millie out of the stroller they said it has to be a pic of a bare bottom. I laugh and said of course it does. Again this didn't bother me because if you ever seen Millie's bottom you would know that she has about the cutest bare butt there is. So I pulled down her britches and loosened her diaper, just a little to expose just enough of her butt for them to get the pic that they needed but also covered enough to make MOM feel like this was OK. We all laughed and Millie was probally thinking what the heck is going on. The only thing I regret is that I didn't hand the camera to my dad to get a picture of the group taking the picture. That would have been awesome.

We headed back towards the condo and took a detour through Hotel Coronado. There were weddings going on and it made me miss being married. It seemed like every corner we turned there was a bride and a groom, smiling and kissing and loving on each other. I know that sound Corney but it gets lonely being single. I probably shouldn't put this on the blog but what the heck it's how I feel and this is my blog so there.

So here I am with Millie sleeping AGAIN and doing my blog. We are talking about what we are going to do for dinner. I think I have eaten more this weekend then I have all month. It's been so fun being here with my family. I'm sure I will add more after dinner but this is what I have for now.

Day Two at Coronado Island

Today is my DAD'S BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy Birthday Dad...... We Love You.

We lounged at the condo until 12:00. Millie took a very long morning nap. This is a combination of not sleeping well at the sitters and having a sever reaction to her MMR shots and not sleeping well at night. Poor thing she really is a good trooper and still loves all the excitement that is going on. We loaded into the car and headed to find a bookstore to get some good reading. OK we traveled to San Diego to be in a bookstore. What can I say. We went to a really neat outdoor mall and pulled into the wrong parking garage. But the attendant being a nice guy let us go ahead and park there for the price of $15.00. Expensive parking for just a couple of hours. OUCH! We walked around the mall and around down town San Diego. We found our bookstores to which none of them had the book that I was in search of. UGH!!!! But I went ahead a purchased another book that a good friend of mine recommended. "The Five Love Languages" so far I am on chapter five and loving it. Thanks Karen.

After we left the mall we headed over to the pier. Millie again fell asleep so we put her in the stroller and just sat outside under the shade. I don't think that I was very good company for my dad. Give me a good book and goodbye. I was glued to the book, but I don't think he minded, the scenery was beautiful, the weather was amazing and the people were entertaining. Especially the men on bikes giving tours. They were quite the pranksters and were joking with their paying passengers. Going down the hill and telling them that their breaks are broke and soon they will have them fixed so if anything happens don't hold it personal. The girls screamed and the guys just laughed. We were sitting next to the Bob Hope Memorial. OK for us that are older we know who this amazing man is but for the younger generation they have no clue. A young man was talking to his parents and was saying "Look mom they are calling this guy Bob, that is funny, who is Bob?" Talk about generation gap. Millie decided to wake up and she was ready to go. We got her out of the stroller and she was loving it. She wasn't quite sure about the statues of the soldiers but non the less she loved walking around and again being the center of attention.

After we left here we headed for the airport to pick up my mom that was flying in. We pulled up and there she was. We talked about going to Old Town San Diego for dinner. We could not remember where it was so my dad loaded it into his GPS. We discovered an amazing thing about the GPS. They are amazing backseat drivers. My dad was trying to get there on his own and was trying to avoid the 5 which the GPS wanted us to get on. So he kept turning down streets and not listening to the GPS. Finally the GPS said "recalculating your destination, make the next illegal U-turn." We busted up laughing. My father was frustrating the GPS. It kept spitting out directions to which my father was not listening to. And it didn't help that I kept pushing the talk button so that she was constantly repeating the direction to go. He finally gave in and started to follow her directions and we were there in no time at all. Why do men have such a hard time taking and following directions? But it was so funny that it was worth all the confusion.

We found a parking space in the very packed parking lot, due to the fact that I had my mom stick her head out and ask a girl if she was leaving. She said yes but took her sweet time while she was texting on her phone. I guess it is better to wait in the parking lot then to have her texting on the freeway. We got out of the car and by this time Millie and I were starving. Again we headed to a Mexican Restaurant. (Do you think we like Mexican food?) We found this cute outdoors Restaurant and had the best chips and salsa (HOT) so just bring be a jug of water. While we were eating the Mariachi band came to our table to play us a song. They asked what we wanted to hear and I told them just play anything. (I don't know Mexican Songs.) They asked if they could play something for the little girl and I said sure...... Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer is what they sang. OK I know what you are thinking.....What the heck this isn't a Mexican song. But it was a crowd pleaser..... Everyone was laughing and singing along. Millie was the center of attention. She was dancing and memorized by the men playing their instruments. People were taking pictures, me included. From then on where ever they went to play and sing Millie was watching and dancing and having a good time.

This was so much fun and I didn't want it to end but like all good things it did. We headed back to the condo to get some rest and relaxation. What a wonderful day.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Day One in Coronado

UGH! I had just typed this story once already and failed to save it and then the computer crashed and I lost everything that I had just typed and as always you can never write things the same as the first time. Hopefully this time I can redeem myself and my frustrations. (I will remember to hit the save button more often this time)

Millie and I left Thursday morning for our wonderful and much needed vacation. We woke up at 3:45 to get ready to leave for our flight at 6 am. Millie has become quite familiar with the routine of the airport and I must say that I have become very familiar with this routine also. While running through the airport with child in one arm and a bag over my shoulder pulling a suitcase and car seat behind has become something that is becoming easier and easier to do. I am sure that we are quite the sight, everyone was watching and it is probally because they are just checking out the cute little girl in my arms. We check in and head for the clearance. We strip down and again we do this with ease. We have learned to simplify and can do this one handed. Millie knows the routine by now and knows what needs to be done and is quite patient with all that we have to do to get on the plane. She is an amazing traveling companion. We headed to our gate just in the nick of time and loaded onto the plane. We sat next to a wonderful lady that we engaged in conversation. Before we knew it we were off in the air and Millie was out like a light. It was a pleasant trip for all especially Mom. Millie slept during the whole flight and didn't wake up until we landed in Vegas.

We had time to spare in Vegas, there was an 1 1/2 lay over to which we walked around the airport and looked at things and people (we are big people watchers). Millie was the center of attention with her talking and dancing. She was very happy until we were told that we were ready to board the plane. Wow she didn't like that and started to scream and I mean scream. She screamed while we sat on the plane and waited for the other passengers to load the plane. Needless to say no one wanted to sit by us and can you blame them. I must have had a look of concern on my face, the older lady sitting in front of us turned around and told me to relax that everyone was understanding. I'm not so sure, the three business men sitting in the isle next to me kept looking our way. I'm not sure if it was a look of concern or compassion. Either way Millie was upset and everyone on that plane knew it. We were cleared for take off and we weren't in the air for more then 2 mins and Millie decided she had enough and was out like a light. I don't know if that was an answer to prayers from probably everyone on the plane or just pure exhaustion.

The flight was wonderful and we landed in San Diego with a loving father waiting for us. We loaded the car and headed for the condo on Coronado Island. Coming over the bridge was breath taking, the fog had rolled in and it was beautiful. Millie was excited to have her freedom and quickly became familiar with her new surroundings. After she felt comfortable with her new home she decided she was tired and took a nap for the next three hours. This was much needed for both her and I.

When she woke up we threw on our shoes and headed to the beach. Millie couldn't wait to be down on the sand walking around. She was Oohing and awing over every little thing. She was so excited and wanted Papa to know how excited she was. She loved walking on the sand and discovering all the new things around her from the birds on the beach to the sea shells. It was quite the adventure for her.

We walked up the beach and headed to Main Street for dinner. We found a cute little Mexican Restaurant and ate outside. Millie decided that she loved avocado salsa. Papa gave her a bite of his avocado to which Millie loved, then with the second bit she decided that she had enough and let us know. We all laughed even Millie found the humor in her actions. After we had our fill or dinner we headed back towards the condo and walked through Hotel Coronado. It is such a beautiful hotel and the atmosphere is amazing. One day I would love to come and stay at this hotel. Millie again was Oohing and Awing with all the beauty that was around us.

We arrived back at the condo to relax and get some much needed sleep for the night. I am so blessed to be surrounded with the ones that I love.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Just taking the time to step back and look at things really does help and make a difference. So many times we get caught up in the day to day things that we don't realize that happiness and peace is just staring you in the face. I came across this quote the other day and it just really hit me at how true this statement is:

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us."
Helen Keller

One of the talks that I enjoyed during Conference was Elder Wirthlin's talk.....He took a moment to lighten things up in a most gloomy and depressing time. He told us to "Come what may and love it." What does this really mean? Did you ever just ponder what our lives would be like if we just accepted things instead of trying to fight them.

Have you ever thought about laughter. When we laugh we enjoy that moment, we live that moment and experience it for what it is. Then it is gone and we go on to other things and every once in a while we will remember what made us so happy and chuckle again. On the other hand when we are sad we stay sad for a longer period of time. Why is that? What is the difference between happy and sad? I look at it this way. We don't try to fix "Happy" we live it and experience it. We do try to fix "Sad"! We don't just let ourselves experience being sad and live it. We think that we are weak or vulnerable. When sad comes up again we try to bury it or hide it. This is why Elder Wirthlin's talk was so simple and beautiful. He said to:

1: "The first thing we can do is learn to laugh. The next time you’re tempted to groan, you might try to laugh instead. It will extend your life and make the lives of all those around you more enjoyable. "

I am tempted everyday to groan, but yesterday I thought I needed to lighten up and enjoy my life. What an amazing thing happened: I had such an enjoyable day, I laughed more, I bonded with my 16 year old daughter in a way that we both needed. All in all it was a pretty amazing day and one that I want to have over and over and over again. I laughed with my kids and I laughed at myself for just being silly ol' me.....

2. "The second thing we can do is seek for the eternal. You may feel singled out when adversity enters your life. You shake your head and wonder, “Why me?”"

Kenna is going through some hard times right now and believe me this "Why Me?" has entered my head more then I want to tell you. (Or should I say the last 4 years of my life has been "Why Me?") But one thing is certain everyone has adversity and everyone has their share of problems. I know that going through these classes with Kenna and learning of others problems and trials has helped me to realize I would not trade my problems for anyone elses. I have learned to accept and appreciate what lays before me. In the strength of the Lord I can do all things! And with the love a support of family and friends I will never be alone.

3. "The third thing we can do is understand the principle of compensation. The Lord compensates the faithful for every loss. That which is taken away from those who love the Lord will be added unto them in His own way. While it may not come at the time we desire, the faithful will know that every tear today will eventually be returned a hundredfold with tears of rejoicing and gratitude."

This just gave me all the strength and hope that I need at this time. I know we are being watched out for and loved. We are not alone and we will never be alone.

4. "The fourth thing we can do is put our trust in our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ."

For some this is easier then others. Some of us (me) have a hard time putting trust in others. Be it by personal trials that we have had to face or just leaning on the arm of the flesh vs. the hand of God. For me I do want to know how things are going to turn out. That is so much easier then just trusting. We live in a society that is "I want it now". Putting our trust in God means we are allowing him to come into our lives and help us journey this long and sometimes challenging road. He knows what is the best for us and sometimes we only see what is good for us.

He closes his talk with a sweet and simple testimony: "Although my mother has long since passed to her eternal reward, her words are always with me. I still remember her advice to me given on that day long ago when my team lost a football game: “Come what may, and love it.”
I know why there must be opposition in all things. Adversity, if handled correctly, can be a blessing in our lives. We can learn to love it.
As we look for humor, seek for the eternal perspective, understand the principle of compensation, and draw near to our Heavenly Father, we can endure hardship and trial. We can say, as did my mother, “Come what may, and love it.”"

May we all "Come what may, and love it" how plain and simple is that. Just live the life you love and love the life you live.

Friday, October 10, 2008


We all want happiness and dread the thought of rain.
When the sun fails to shine, we worry and complain.
We forget that God above is infinitely wise,
and sometimes our ails are blessings in disguise.
For if we're always happy filled with sunshine and cheer,
our hearts would hold no mercy for others who shed tears.
So when trouble comes knocking, remember to stay strong.
Rainbows always follow the storm and dark clouds never stay long.
~~ Author Unknown ~~

This has been a very good thing for me to do, reflect on my blessings! I have taken the time to stop and appreciate even the smallest blessings. A single breathe of air....a needed phone call, a quick note of appreciation, holding your child, reading good news. Somethings I consider blessings you might think are silly or maybe I should say what I am grateful for but to me they are all blessings in my life for I can enjoy them another day.

I have been blessed with Chocolate, truly my comfort food.

I have been blessed to enjoy the songs of birds.

I have been blessed to enjoy the smell and sound of rain.

I have been blessed with warmth and comfort.

I have been blessed with a good name and heritage.

These are just a few blessings in my small and meager life. To which I am grateful to enjoy another day with those I love, with friends that make me laugh, and all the hugs and kisses my children can give. Today is a Beautiful day!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Every worthwhile accomplishment has a price tag attached to it. The question is always whether you are willing to pay the price to attain it - in hard work, sacrifice, patience, faith, and endurance."
John C. Maxwell

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quote for the day

"It is not merely for to-day, but for all time to come that we should perpetuate for our children's children this great and free government, which we have enjoyed all our lives."

Abraham Lincoln
August 22, 1864

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A day to ponder

Have you ever just had one of those days when you ponder "What is Life About?" Today has been that day for me.... I often just go through the motions that day to day living brings. Wake up, get showered and ready for the day, wake up kids, drive to work, work, drive home, make dinner, help with homework, throw some laundry in and hope that you remember to put it in the dryer before you have to re-wash it again and again because you forgot, play with the kids, read (if you can stay awake) and go to bed, some nights your head hits the pillow and your out like a light, others that little voice in your head won't stop thinking and you can't go to sleep.

But when you take the time to look at something and ponder the greatness of just a single flower, or the snow peaks on the mountains, a child laughing because they got ice cream on their face, two friends laughing in the car and your wondering what made them laugh, an older couple holding hands and you are wondering what their 80 years of life as been like.

I can honestly say I love my life, I love all the opportunities that lay waiting for me. This weekend I took the chance to listen to all four sessions of General Conference, to really listen to what was being said and my heart was so full of love and a greater desire to do better at just being me.... I felt as though the Savior was speaking to me (as I'm sure everyone else felt the same) I felt the love and concern that the leaders of the church have for me and everyone that I love. I didn't want this Conference to end, I wanted that feeling to continue. I am so greatful for the council that was given to us to become Unified and so much more. I can not remember ever feeling more love and peace, maybe that is because I finally stopped to really listen to what was being taught.

Life is short, too short and just when you think everything is going your way we are pushed a little more.... I am aware that "life is just that LIFE". We come to earth as spirits to have a mortal experience. So what experience are we going to create for ourselves. What are we going to be remembered for when all is said and done......

I know for me it's day's like today when you stop to really enjoy life and watch all the wonderment around you and you know your purpose. Let us take refuge in the plain and simple things. And stop to love the one's that really count.