Sunday, February 5, 2012

Miss Millie gets her ears pierced

Today Aaron and I took Miss Millie to the mall to ride the carousel. We decided to surprise her and tell her that we would be piercing her ears after lunch. (Yes this was a spur of the moment idea for the day.) We had lunch at Red Robins and heading to Icing where we watch 2 other girls get their ears pierced. I think this worked out well for us because Miss Millie saw how brave they were and they didn't even cry. When it was time for Miss Millie to get hers done she sat in the car very, very still and listened to all the instructions that Bonnie (the lady piercing her ears) had to say. I asked Miss Millie if she wanted to hold my hand and she said "NO". Wait what a shock.. are they not always wanting to hold their mothers hand? Then Bonnie placed the little purple dots on her ears and after a few minor adjustments we were ready to have her ears pierced.

The first ear was pierced and there was just a little flinch made by Miss Millie. WOW... she is such a big girl. Then the second ear was done without even a flinch... She sat there with a face like (Well guys that was really no big deal).

All night she commented on her ears and how big of a girl she was. This morning she woke up and said "I didn't take them out, I'm a big girl!"

My baby is growing up...