Friday, February 29, 2008

Flash Game

Clint and Lisa invited the kids and I to come to a basketball game at the McKay Center in Orem.
It is a new team called the Flash. It was alot of fun for us all to be there. Before the game they had a big Chocolate Extravaganza which the kids loved Yummy!!!! Clint and Lisa had a table at this event that they were giving fudge to everyone.
Millie did really well at the game she even fell asleep which was suprising with all the noise.

Science Fair

Madison had a Science Fair on Thursday night. Aubrey Dunn and Madison did a project on Amelia Jenks Bloomer.
They had alot of fun and the evening was eventful. The hit of the night was a project that involved exploding film cups.
And I should mention the food table. (Of course we are mormons here.) We are so proud of her efforts this science fair was only those who wanted to participate. Good going Madison.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


O.K. today was the first time that I loved going to the dentist. WOW I never thought I would say it but I liked going to a dentist. No one likes going right? I had to have a filling on my back molar. The dentist looked at it and asked if I thought I could do this without being numb. I said "I've given birth to seven children so lets try" I then told him "If I hit you then that means you hurt me and you can stop". He agreed and then proceeded to drill. Not one time did I flinch. Next thing I knew he was done. I left the office with my tooth fixed and I could talk normal. No fat lip no drull. And the best part of this was that it only cost $63.00. Not to bad, I was expecting it to be higher.

I just wanted to share this experience because I know we all hate going to the dentists and to have a good experience is worth sharing.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday Activity

Sunday was a slow day we just stayed home Millie was super fussy today, she finally fell asleep just before church started so we ended up staying home to let her sleep. I know that was not what you wanted to hear but I felt like she really needed the sleep since she didn't sleep very well the night before. Kenna, James and Liz came for dinner which I might add was very good. The kids all sat around and made scarves and hats.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Well here it is Valentine's Day and you would think that it was Christmas. We got hit with a huge snow strom yesterday or you might say a whiteout. Car's were stranded on the side of the road, schools were closed, a ten minute trip turned into a 3 hour drive. But did I know all this NO I was home and in bed when all this was going on. Yea!!!!
Today Makenna came by my work and surprised me with a huge balloon that sang "Wild thing" and a snickers candy bar. YUM!!

Had a really good day at work. I am learning so much in my new job. Ernesto has me setting up a new company which is really a blessing. The blessing is that I am currently setting up my own company so what ever I learn that day I can apply to my own. I learned today how to set up search engines. With much research and many phone calls I and I alone set up my very first search engine on the World Wide Web. Now for many this might not mean anything but for me when I have to call Stacie all the time just to work Excel this is pretty amazing.

The joy of my day came at 4:00 when I got to leave work and go and pick up my SWEETHEART AMELIA. I love to see her smile and she planted the biggest kiss on me. Talk about melting your heart. She is my everything.

Tonight I went to dinner with the ward. We all went to Brick Oven. Talk about a crowd and fun. There is such a mixture in our ward and I love it. I went with Joe and Lynda Bye and Max and Nykol Peterson. We laughed and had a wonderful time. After dinner we went to Coney's and had ice cream. I know this is crazy in 15 degree weather but hey it's Valentine's Day.

Nykol and Lisa

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Busy Saturday

Our day began with us going to Wally World to pick up a birthday present for a family friend. When we got there we decided to eat breakfast at McDonalds, I know it's not very healthy but it sure was tasty and very entertaining. We sat next to the window and people watched. It's amazing how fun that was but I thought I was the only one enjoying it until Madison said "we sould do this every Saturday, it's fun watching everyone". I don't know why that is but there is just such a variety of people and how they act and behave. After we ate we went shopping and picked out a present. That didn't take to long because Madison knew just what to get. We left Wal-Mart and headed to the Provo Mall. The kids and I went to go see the Hannah Montana Movie. It was 3-D so we all got these funky glasses. Millie was so good during the movie. She just sat in her car seat and enjoyed, she even slept during part of it. SHOCKER since it was so loud. We got home around 2 and did our chores. At 3:30 we left to go to a birthday party. That was real entertaining since we were in Utah and felt like we were in Italty. Everyone was speaking Italian. A bit different but none the less fun. We came home and got ready for bed. It was a very fun day with the kids.

Here is a little video of Millie laughing. She was doing really good until the camera came on and then her attention was on the camera.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Beautiful Amelia Grace

Just wanted to share some pictures of our beautiful little girl

Just love that smile

Look at those eyelashes

Craig's Eye

It all started with a quite night at home. We were all just relaxing and trying to settle down for the evening. The kids decided to play a game. The next thing I knew there was a big bang and Craig was in tears. Needless to say Craig lost. Here is the result of what happens when you ruffhouse in the house.

Millie had her first this week. She had cereal for the first time. Can I just say she does not like it at all. She screamed and cried. We will keep trying until she decides she likes it.