Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Precious Gift

There comes a time in ones life that something beautiful and amazing happens. It teaches you love, understanding, joy, sorrow, sacrifice and unity. We have been blessed to have such an experience happen in our lives this week.

I am so humbled this week because of the actions of my daughter, she has taught me so much in these last nine months. And then this week I have been so touched by her amazing strength and out pouring kindness. She has demonstrated the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

A new family of three has forever been touched and their lives have forever been changed. But the change does not stop there, change has come to so many. I know for me my heart is so full of love for my beautiful daughter for her strength, her love and commitment. Adoption is the most amazing experience I think I have ever been apart of to see the joy on a woman's face who thought that she may never hold her own child. To see tears in a grown mans eye's who is looking at his new child. To hear my daughter ask the adoptive mother if her (the adoptive mother's baby) was healthy. For this child is theirs, she was just the source used to get their child to them.

We have experiences that happen in our lives that can forever bring blessing and will strengthen us and in the end bring comfort. After living through this experience I truly feel that the Lord's hand is in all things. I am grateful for a wise and brave daughter, for her courage to do what she felt was in the best interest of everyone. We have loved getting to know the adoptive parents and could not be more happy with her choice. They are truly amazing people and I am positive this week has been the best week of their lives. I know that this is a week that I will never forget for the experience has been sweet and comforting.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ready for Spring Cleaning

I am being forced into Spring Cleaning whether I want to or not. Starting tomorrow I am having both my bathrooms re-done. I am so excited and will post before and after photos. But for now I have to empty both bathrooms out which will cause me to see all the junk I have accumulated over the years and be forced to throw them out or keep them.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Night Dance Off

So today was a very busy day but we still found the time to have some fun with all of us being so tired. We turned on the music and away we went DANCE TIME. Hands down Millie won every one's heart and laughter. Her chosen partner was her doll around and around they went. Ali's chosen partner was Ziggy, what a pair. Makenna and I just popped around and laughed at how cute they all were.

Millie is sporting her new PJ's from Old Navy. I went into Old Navy today and they were having a 50% off kids clearance. I picked these up for $2.49 WHAT A DEAL. Love it when I can find deals like this.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday's Favorites

Black is a Classic, here are just a few of my favorites:

Every girl must have a black skirt: This is great for dressing up or playing down. I love this one from J Crew, I love it's simplicity. The classic black heel: These are from Aldo another one of my favorites. I wear these almost daily, they can go with just about anything and are perfect for work and casual events.

Another one of my favorites is by Kenneth Cole: I have used this perfume for years now and LOVE IT!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Family Circus

I purchased a new car seat for Millie at Target. She loves her new big girl seat. She can face forward to watch me and better yet she can actually see out the window instead of looking at the roof of my car. There has been many oohs and awe's coming from the backseat.

Along with the growing experience comes some changes: instead of me caring the car seat with Millie in it inside she can now walk. She has become accustom to this new aspect of her life. But as with all kids this is not a short and straight process. Yesterday I was reminded of Billy's adventures in the comic strip Family Circus. Millie has to look at everything, make her marks in the snow, pick something up, set something down, look at something else, make some more marks in the snow with her shoes, pick something up again, set something down and so on and on and on. After about 10 minutes we are finally at the door, she has to try to open it herself, then going up the stairs has to once again be accomplished alone (with mom right behind her of course).

Once inside the adventures continue the same as described above except this time inside. She defiantly is busy and when she finally decides she has had enough she is out like a light.

I love this stage of new discovery she is going through it makes slowing down to enjoy the little things even more enjoyable.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Miss Millie's Kitchen

Millie loves to be in the kitchen cooking and cleaning and what better way then to have a kitchen she can actually do this in. Needless to say a must have (a goal for her Birthday or Christmas). I can just picture her cooking away in this room.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Going on Week Two!

OK I think I have officially become an addict of fitness. Last night when I failed to get in my workout I went into a panic attack (well kind of) but I was feeling like I was somewhat out of sorts from the absence of the workout and knowing that the pain would not be there to follow the workout.

How pathetic that is when you look forward to walking and moving from pain and when you don't hurt you think something is wrong. I know plenty of people that hurt on a daily basis and wish they could go a day or two without feeling the pain that ales their body.

The P90X system is a set of 12 DVD workouts which involves body-weight moves (like push-ups, pull-ups, plyometric moves, etc) as well as cardio and weight training cycles. The equipment you will require is a large enough space to go bouncing about in all directions without causing serious injury to you or your property, free-weights of varying sizes, a chin-up bar, a yoga mat and blocks, you may prefer to use bands, be sure you purchase heavy duty bands not the ones sold in stores that are shopped frequently as they will snap, look at getting these online or from P90X, as well as push-up bars (optional.)

The actual workouts range from a plyometric workout, core and cardio, to several weight/target area workouts (like legs & back, or shoulders & arms, etc). There is also a 90 minute Yoga session which you do every week (this is killer and your sides will hurt), as well as a cardio workout of Kenpo. My favorite of all the workouts is the plyometric, Plyometric is HARD! I love all the moves that are in plyometrics and I promise you will feel this in 30 hours after your workout. Since the yoga also comes dead center of the week, it helps to relieve some tightness that you end up acquiring through the earlier workouts.The weight workouts are good because there is not a ton of monotony. You have a lot of different exercises you move through, and you never get bored because of that. The pull-ups are not as bad as they sound. Yes, they're HARD. Yes, you end up doing a LOT of them. But there are ways to "spot" yourself, and assist with the pull-up until you can switch over to doing them without assistance. The DVD does show you how to do this, even expects you to. If you are interested in just learning about how to get your body doing pull-ups. I use the assistance of a chair for now but my goal is to do 10 chin-ups without assistance by the end of the program.

On certain days, you are expected to tack on the 16 minute "Ab Ripper" routine. This thing sucks. Sorry to use the language, but...Well... OW. Necessary, but OW. Be sure that you eat properly or you will feel like throwing up during this part of the workout.

These workouts are hard-core, but they're also geared for your own level. Basically, you will get out of this what you put into it. As with anything you do. If you go through these 12 DVD workout like a Whimp: only lifting low amounts when you could lift more and doing half-hearted moves when you should be taking it to the mat as in all the push ups that you will be doing - well, then you'll only get out what you put in NOTHING. But if you hit it with the intensity you KNOW you have, and you work HARD and focused, you will get solid results. The upside to all of this is that it is an unlimited challenge. You keep pushing yourself harder and higher, and you will always be challenged by this workout. But, if you decide to be a slacker, then it's likely the best you'll do is whine that it's not enough and "whyyyyyyyy" doesn't it work for you like it does for everyone else?

This is life, people. You want it? You gotta put in the effort. Plain and simple. In the end, you have the map - if you don't make it there, you have no one but yourself to blame. RIGHT? RIGHT!

So many of the workouts are hard and you feel like giving up but that does not mean it is not worth doing. If anything, it is because it is hard that it is worth doing. Sometimes you are on the verge of tears with pain and sweat only to see the instructor still going and doing things that a re near impossible. SNAP.......

Going on my second week I can already see a noticeable difference. Makenna told me on Saturday that she too could already see a difference in my muscle tone. (AWESOME) at least my obsession is not in vain at this point.

I have also noticed that I do not enjoy Dr. Pepper as much or at all. SAD to say but true, I am also finding that I can not get enough water during the day. Benefits to drinking water, better looking skin, healthier and no side effects (that pop brings) plus so much more.

Another noticeable difference is for being a chocolateholic I do not enjoy the taste of it like I use to. I can taste all the wax in the chocolate and less flavor. This is a sad occurrence for me as I LOVE CHOCOLATE.

As with anything Garbage in Garbage out! If you are after visible results, you need to understand that those are 80% rooted in your kitchen. What you feed yourself, how much, and when are absolutely KEY. There is no workout, pill, or magic wand that will enable you to get around this fact. What you eat is what you get. If you want to see results then you have to eat right! There is no escape from that FACT. By eating right you will experience an increase in strength/power, you will feel better! You decide on the results you want. Why do all the workout if you are just going to eat pizza and ice cream later.

You want to see your abs? You could do a million crunches, and it won't make any difference if you are eating in excess along with all wrong things. It's the one hard fact that people want to deny, yet can never truly do so.

You will also see a difference in how you sleep at night. If you are struggling in this area you will find that you go into a much deeper sleep. I also am finding that I desire to go to bed earlier and get up earlier, unless Millie wakes up for a couple of hours crying because her teeth are coming in.

Next step to this workout program is starting up on my running again. I hate to be exercising in the cold but love to be outside so summer PLEASE, PLEASE come....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

You have to love having teenagers home and the excitement they create over just the simplest holiday's. Each one had something going on for Valentine's Day.

Mike flew in from Arizona to spend the weekend with Ali. They went to dinner at Market Street Grill and then took her to see He's Just Not That Into You (an amazingly good movie) but definitely a chick flick.....on Sunday he took her to Park City for the day.

Makenna was so excited as she made her first Build-a-Bear for her Valentine, James and McKenzie took her to the mall and had a wonderful time.

James made a picnic for McKenzie at our house. They had a blanket set up with candles and flowers in front of the fireplace. Ali was there to help out with anything that they needed and to babysit Millie while I took the other kids to go and see Coraline.

Later that evening I made Hawaiian Haystacks for Makenna, James, McKenzie, Matt and his date. They watched movies and had a great time. Madison, Craig and I retired to my bedroom to watch movies and let the teenagers have their space. They had a really good time and it was so fun to have a busy home with Love and Laughter.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little Miss Independent

Little Miss Millie is also LITTLE MISS INDEPENDENT........

I wonder where she gets that from? It CAN NOT be from her parents.

She is always wanting to do things on her own such as eat, bathe, brush her teeth, get in her car seat, get my drift.

LITTLE MISS INDEPENDENT is also very neat, she has to clean up after herself with everything that she does. Picking up her toy's, throwing things away (I have to watch this very closely) and she loves cleaning up spills with a towel. Sometimes I think she creates spills on purpose just so she can clean. Now remember she hates being dirty and messes....and she knows how to hold and handle a towel better then Craig.

Sunday night we had Jello with dinner, MILLIE LOVES JELLO (as all kids do). As she was eating the jello she realized that if was really wiggly and would not stay on the spoon. She was chasing the jello everywhere. This took time and to an adult jello really is not worth that much work. But to a child PATIENCE.......and the practice of learning the whole hand to mouth coordination results in YUMMY REWARDS.

Last night we had scrambled eggs and once again LITTLE MISS INDEPENDENT wanted to do everything herself. From preparing the eggs to eating the eggs. This time she found more success in eating and less chasing. Although you know the old expression "Egg on your Face" well she had it going on, all over! And you can always tell when they are done eating the food takes on art forms. First they start squeezing it in their hands, then they start making a pile on the table and the last can make for quite interesting art if they are allowed to continue. The throwing of food on the walls, floor, ceiling and just about anything around. I am happy the Millie has not yet discovered this form of creativity yet.

One quick note to SELF, bath time is always better after she eats then before.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Returning HOME

Two years ago in October '06 Ali ventured away from home and set out on her own life and adventure. It has been an amazing experience for her. She has made countless new friends that she now calls family. She has had many misadventures with her car.....I think she would rather not have me mention any of those due to anxiety....and she has learned how to live on her own.
She acquired a new family member or two along the way. Marley and Ziggy (her babies) ruff ruff.... Now all three are coming home to stay.....

She set out this morning driving from Arizona to Utah with her two babies Marley and Ziggy. She will arrive tonight I'm sure exhusted.
Ali we are excited and happy that you have decided to come back home......Love ya!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Millie's first day in Nursery

Wow can you believe that Millie is going to Nursery...Today was her first time and can I say she took to it like a Champ. She walked right in and started to play with the other kids. It helps that your two friends are in the nursery and Millie loves them both. She colored, sang and played.

My baby is growing up.......I forgot what it was like to sit through all of Sunday School and Relief Society.......

Friday, February 6, 2009


Music can stir such an array of emotions.....

During the day I listen to and usually I will listen to Michael Buble....

LOVE that swing era music.

Then I get in my car and blast Nickelback or Ozzie.

When I get home I love to listen to Josh Turner or Colbie Caillat on pandora.

Saturday nights I like to turn into Showtunes on 106.5 my kids think I'm corny but hey when there is a load full of teenagers and you start singing a song from "Anne get your gun" and the best is "Lion King" and then the whole car is singing along..... rockin to showtunes...... Gotta love it.

What is even better is all these re-mix songs that they are doing. When you know ALL the words and your kids thinks that it is a new song. "How do you know this song?" and your response....."I'm just too cool." They have that stare down with the jaw dropped..... "Mom, no way." and all the time you are just chuckling and the look and amazement on their face.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cell Phones

Last night Makenna stayed with me so I had the opportunity to drive into work with her today. We had a wonderful conversation (I miss riding with her). She made me laugh at a story that she relayed to me and it got me thinking about what our society has come to.

Modern Convinces, Are they really convinces?
Makenna was thinking that James was still on his way home from school. She started to text him to see how he was doing. They carried on a conversation for quite sometime.

Finally James texted her asking "Are you home?"

Kenna answered "Yes and you?"

At that moment they both emerged from their rooms only to discover that they were only a wall away from each other the whole time. A good laugh erupted from both, turning they went back to their activities and the conversation stopped.

Have we gotten to the point that all of our conversations happen through text messaging, IM, email, facebook, my space......? What has happened to having a conversation over the phone, face to face.... is it a dying art? I don't think so and I would hope not. There is nothing that can replace the human touch, the human emotion.... You do not get that from text messaging or even emails. I have found through text messaging something that you said was taken totally the wrong way because it lacked the emotion behind what was said. Depending on the mood of the receiver is how that message is read. Hence a lot of problems can arise from little short messages that are trying to pack a lot of meaning. It just doesn't work.

Cell phones are great.....I don't think at this point we really can function without them. I would hope that our communication with each other doesn't turn into little abbreviations otherwise one day we will have a conversation that would go like this.
Girl: HRU (How are you?)
Boy: AAF (As a matter of fact)
DBAU (Doing business as usual)
Girl: GAS (Got a Second?)
Boy: WU (What's up?)
Girl: DUR (Do you Remember)
Boy: RW (Remember What?)
Girl: ROTFLUTS (Rolling on the Floor Unable to Speak)
Boy: dood (dude)
LOL (Laugh out Loud)
SRSLY (Seriously)
Girl: DNR (Dinner?)
Boy: FBF (Fat Boy Food e.g. pizza, burgers, fry's)
Girl: WH5 (Who, What, Where, When, Why)
Boy: CML (Call me later)
Girl: SYS (See ya soon)
Boy: PZ (Peace)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Start of P90X Workout

I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M POSTING THIS!!!! But I thought IF I did then I will be more committed to working out then just telling myself I am.

Tuesday February 3, 2009 I started the P90X workout!!!!!

Day one was chest and back. Boy, was it a killer, I was pushed more then I had ever been pushed before. I purchased a chin up bar on Monday after work so Millie and I assembled it for Family Home Evening while singing Primary Songs..... (I hope that counts)

On Tuesday I emptied all my CANDY in the Lunch room and told everyone to enjoy. They were all glad for the treats. Drinking a gallon of water makes for frequent bathroom breaks, I just hope I can keep up the motivation on drinking soooo much WATER!

Tuesday night after a delightful evening with Millie (laughing, playing, hugging and kissing) she went to sleep like a CHAMP at 7:30. Of course I had to finish watching AMERICAN IDOL. So Promptly at 8:00 the TV went off and I was starting my new workout.

Now thinking and KNOWING that I will not be able to keep up with the amount of reps that the Professionals would be doing, but focus on doing my best, I proceeded to workout with the BEST I HAD TO OFFER. Pushing myself until I thought I would CRY. Boy was this a workout I can't say enough and YES I could do chin-up's (surprise) of course I had my chair handy like they suggested (and it was used). After the workout I thought I felt sore but not that bad (MAYBE I DIDN'T PUSH MYSELF HARD ENOUGH). But I was tired and in bed by 9:20. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

When morning came I was so WRONG.......... I am sooooooo soooooo sore today. It definatly was a good workout. So tonight after I play, laugh, hug and kiss with Millie I will put her to bed and once again I will hit my home gym for a KILLER workout for Day 2.

Goal: BEACHBODY for Summer......VACA

Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

For all Arizona fans this was an EXCITING day.... Our first time to the Superbowl. All the excitement and buzz of a team that has made a huge comeback. We love our Cardinals and are so proud of the progress that they have made as a team.

Millie woke up Sunday and we had a wonderful morning just playing and dancing and singing. We ate breakfast and got ready for church. She was amazingly good for me today in Sacrament. She sat on my lap for the most part of church which was so surprising but I was loving the opportunity of listening for once. She would open up the Hymn book and sing right along with everyone. She sure is growing up.
After Sacrament we left to go to our Priscilla's house to watch the big GAME...... There was tons of food, laughter and fun, Millie was so excited that there was chips and salsa YUMMY.
Carolyn THANKS for cheering my team on with me, we had so much fun and I think we taught Millie how to scream and cheer (she loves her new voice)...... It made it more fun having the excitment there..... the bantering was awesome between us all... Good sportsmanship..... Millie had a blast playing with everyone's cell phone and if you got a call that was unexpected we do apologize. Although you would have heard a sweet voice on the other end. Mikaela and Savannah were wonderful to play with Millie and she loved it. She even warmed up to Ken......but we were too slow in getting the cute picture....

We left tired and full a very fun evening. Although our team lost we could not have been more proud of their accomplishments and the exciting game we witnessed......