Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who are you drafting off?

Today was a day of reflection..... a time to really reflect on the path that I am on and the directions that I am taking. Am I on the best path at this time in my life?

As with all reflections comes comparison, I love stories that have a comparison and that is exactly what my dear friend relayed in her blog.

Thank you for bringing the perfect devotion to a meaning full day.

So please click on the link below and enjoy!

Who are you drafting off?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sleepless Nights

Have you ever had one of those sleepless nights? Not so much that you don't sleep at all but for some reason, at an unforeseen hour your body decides it's had enough and no matter what you do there really is no more hope for sleep. So you find yourself with additional hours on your hands. What to do? Do you start cleaning and try to catch up, read, watch T.V., take a bath.

This morning I find myself turning on music. What really is more powerful than music, it can effect us in so many ways. It can stir so many emotions: happy, sad, angry, joyful and spiritual.

Last week I went with Madison to The Music and the Spoken Word and although the program is just 30 minuets I found myself being spiritually fed. So this morning I turned on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Pandora and once again found myself being spiritually fed.

Along with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir they played additional artist that stirred just as strong of feelings. This bring a story to mind of when Miss Millie and I drive in the car to and from work. I love to listen to the Christen Station, once again being spiritually fed through music. When I play this music Miss Millie sits quietly and tries her best to sing along. Then when I switch the music thinking she wants to have a little more fun, she will ask for me to turn back to the soft music. "I like the other music Mommy!"

So as I sat and listened this morning to the Music of Peace my heart is so very full of gratitude for all the things I have been blessed with. And although my journey has not always been an easy one, I am so very blessed. I am reminded this morning that my needs are not unnoticed by a loving Savior. This journey on the path of life is indeed a blessing to be enjoyed even through the most difficult time we are really never alone.

So thank you sleepless night....for starting my day off with gratitude!