Friday, August 22, 2008

Sad Times

My dear friend Diane Nielson Barazotta has been sadden with the tragic news of her beloved brother Christian and his beautiful wife Stephanie, On the 16th of August the plane that they were traveling in crashed and Christian and Stephanie became victims of the fiery crash. I can only imagine the heartache that they are experiencing now. Diane, I love you and your family and my thoughts and prayers are with you. I have been amazed at the talent that Stephanie demonstrated in her blog and it is now one of my most favorite sites to go to. I hope that all who reads this will too see the beauty that she saw. Truly a close knit family with so much love for one another.

You can see a part of their wonderful life together.

Updates on their conditions are listed on her sisters website
Their dear friend and pilot tragically lost his life in the crash. Doug Kinneard will be laid to rest on Saturday August 23, 2008.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


OK I have let the summer get the best of me. I have not kept up with this blogging. We have been pretty much house potatoes. I don't know why because it is truly a beautiful summer. Millie and I go for dives up the canyon when I pick her up from the sitters.All in all it's been a really fun summer especially seeing the kids grow and loving life.

Millie on a float for Summerfest

Millie and her lifejacket

At the Lake

California Trip

The kids and I had the most wonderful time in CA. We arrived in beautiful San Diego on Wednesday and went out to dinner with my Aunt and Uncle. David and his family arrived in San Diego around 11pm. We tried to get some good sleep but that really didn't happen that night. Thursday morning we got ready to go to the beach, stopped and got some lunch to have in the park and we went to Sea Port Village. We walked around the little shops and had a wonderful time the we headed to La Jolla beach, we all had so much fun there. Tide Pools for the kids, and rocks what more could you ask for. Madison slipped and got cut alittle this was the first casulity. After spending the day at the beach we were all pretty much beat so we went back home and ordered pizza and relaxed.
On Friday we decided to go to Mission Beach, oh what fun we did have. Millie loves playing in the sand Craig and Madison spent the whole day in the ocean. I was so worried about putting sun screen on Millie that I didn't stop to think about the other kids. Talk about a sunburn. Poor Madison was so fried, I felt so bad and so neglectful. Craig got lost at the beach and the life guard station had to call out over the whole beach asking for Lisa to come and get her lost son Craig at life tower 14. Talk about my heart racing. I couldn't get there fast enough. I asked what happened and he said he was with Uncle David and the next thing he knew he was alone. Just goes to show how fast something can happen. After the wonderful day at the beach we went to again to Sea Port Village for dinner. I just love seeing the lights on the ocean at night. On Saturday we decided to surprise the kids and take them to Sea World. I think everyone had a wonderful time. Madison was sick from the day before getting burned. She was starting to blister and pop blister and pop. OUCH!!!! The highlight of Sea World was the Sea Lion and Otter Show!!! Everyone was Laughing. Millie was so much fun she was making the cutest noise every time she saw an animal. I wasn't sure if it was nervousness or excitement but I came to the conclusion it was a mixture of both. After Sea World we went to Balboa Park and ate dinner and played, then we went over to Coronado Island and walked along the beach.
On Sunday we packed up to head home and went to the nursing home to visit Grammy. She is 98 years old and beautiful... She loved seeing the kids especially Millie (she is a pretty cute baby). She made a few funny remarks and we all laughed and took pictures. Then it came to saying good-bye. Open the gates the floods are coming. Tears of sadness! She pleaded for us to come back, that alone made the whole trip with it and a greater desire to return as quickly as possible.
We had the most amazing trip and can't wait for the next big adventure.