Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another First

Last night Millie achieved another first in her life. She can finally roll over from her stomach to her back. So no more being on mom's bed for fear she will roll off. Although she did roll off the bed last night but no worries it was a blow up mattress. I had the elders come and move all the furniture out of the bedrooms last night to make room for the new carpet. I slepted on the blow up mattress and Millie slepted on a blanket on the ground next to me. It really wasn't a good nights rest my mattress kept deflating and thus I had to keep blowing it up. (I had a brand new mattress still in the box, did I think to blow that one up?) No, I didn't want to wake Millie up which in all reality made no sense at all because I had to keep pumping the old one up. Duh! So I only have myself to blame for my poor nights rest.

So back to Millie, this morning while I was getting ready and having put the bedding away she had free reign on the bedroom and needless to say she took advantage of the space. She was loving her new found freedom. I don't think it will be too long before she is crawling. She already is try to scoot.

This weekend I spent the entire time painting the family room so that we can have carpet laid. Craig and Madison were wonderful. They both took turns playing with Millie and feeding her. What a big help that was to me. Millie loved all the attention she received from her brother and sister. They were also a big help with the painting, they did a wonderful job and never once did they complain. We all laughed and sang and had a wonderful time. Shawn came both days to help and we enjoyed having him there. I think he was a little suprised at how much Maddie can talk, she can really carry on a conversation. And she kept us in stitches with her humor.

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