Monday, April 28, 2008

Saint George Trip

The kids had spring break the week of April 14th thru the 18th. Madison and Craig were so patient with me while I worked that week. We had talked about going to Saint George to stay with some dear friends Dave and Kaleen. We packed up the car and headed down there Thursday night. Millie just loves riding in the car with her brother and sister, you could say its constant entertainment. Madison sings the whole time and Craig does everything possible to make her laugh. We arrived at Kaleen's around 9 and had dinner. We were introduced to a very excited and loving dog Cloe that Millie wasn't sure about but they soon became close friends. Millie would giggle every time Cloe would come close to her.
Kaleen, Cloe and Amelia
We had a wonderful time visiting with friends and relaxing over the weekend. The kids went swimming everyday and didn't ask to do anything else.
Parker in blue shorts Craig in red shorts
Madison and Craig
Mommy and Millie
We went to Parker's baseball game.
Dave put Millie to sleep in no time, he has the gift!
Skyler band performance (not school but a group band that performed screamo music. I don't understand why this is so popular but it is, oh well. I like to understand the lyrics then to listen to a guy screaming into the mic sounding like a pig heading to the slaughter house. Skyler played the base guitar and he did really good. Kaleen, Dave and I went to a coffee house to listen to a band that was a friend of Kaleens, again not our cup of tea so we left there also. I think I will stick with Country music. Makenna was having a hard time being there and wanted to go home but she stayed.
Makenna and Millie
Saturday night we were invited to Kaleens neighbors for their birthday party, a fiesta. There was good Mexican food, a pinata with lots of candy for the kids and they gave all the kids a gift box. She had enough for even the unplanned visitors (us). The kids thought it was fun to see a different culture celebrate their birthdays.
The party girls Madison and Millie
It was alot of fun visiting and meeting all of Kaleens neighbors. Needless to say it really is a small world you just get to visiting and find out that somehow we know people in common.
We came home from the trip Sunday night again a very pleasant drive home with the kids singing except for one (teenagers!) Millie again giggling until we arrived in Payson and I dropped the kids off at their dads. Millie was no longer happy, she missed her entertainment. So from Payson to Orem she let me know she was sad. It was a fun trip and we miss Dave and Kaleen. We will be going back soon, probably when Cloe has her puppies.

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