Saturday, September 27, 2008

Millie's UT Birthday Party

OK, OK Millie just turned one and you would think that she is the Queen of Sheba. Well isn't she? At least she is around here. And we let her know that with all the hugs and kisses everyday.

So last Sunday we invited our friends over for a barbecue and cake for Millie's birthday. We ate and ate and ate and ate.... Well some of us did, but if your name is Aaron and you had to cook you didn't get to eat as much, sorry that is just part of the job.

Alexia and McKenna

The Downings

The Kiddo's

Madison and Zach
Melanie and John

Once again Millie would not just plow into her cake, no matter how hard we would try it just wasn't going to happen.


Miss Millie opening her gifts
Oh so pretty
We had so much fun having all of our friends over! Thanks.


Jen said...

Knowing my brother like I do, Aaron was fine as long as he got to eat cake! Millie is cute as can be. Wish we were closer!

Chelle said...

My heart hurts that we couldn't be with her for her 1st bday. Thanks for surrounding her with so many that love her.