Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow, Snow and more Snow

Just a quick note on what has been happening here......SNOW....and Freezing temps.

These were taken Tuesday morning as we were heading to work. It was freezing so I was not so interested in getting the perfect shot....just a memory of Miss Millie and how much snow we got in two days.

Miss Millie loves the snow and all the pretty we drive she says "Moor Lits" although I know she is saying more lights....she is pretty fun right now. I love every second with her and all my kids. They are so amazing.....


Pedaling said...

she is at the best age for christmas magic!

Chris said...

Gosh, she looks so much older!!! And she looks different from the very last pictures you posted for Halloween too. Quit feeding that girl fertilizer!! Miss you guys.