Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lots of Changes!!

Well after many years we finally got a family picture done. The last time we got one was in 2005 time goes by so fast. I hope we do not wait that long for the next family picture.

Ali is going on her diet to prepare for her treatment. I have been doing a lot of reading up on her cancer and treatment. I have to say I was pretty naive about what she is going through and will go through. Although the doctors warned me this was going to be the hardest stretch for her I had no clue.... To support Ali I will be doing the diet right along side her. It's amazing how supportive everyone is being towards Ali, more so it's incredible how many people are effected by cancer. Thru this experience we have had so many strangers reach out to us who now we call friends.

Miss Millie turned 3 and had a wonderful birthday party with family and friends in Texas. She got to go fishing for the first time and I must say she talks about going fishing all the time.... She loved catching the fish but at the time she was fishing she did not seem too interested. Her dad did most of the fishing Miss Millie just had the opportunity of pulling the fish in and holding it for the picture.

Craig has been busy this week fly fishing with his Uncle Colby and hunting with his brother-in-law Kasey.... I think this young man is hooked on the outdoors. He has also been working very hard. He and his friend have created the opportunity to make some good side money mowning lawns... Then while Craig was out with his friends family picking berries he asked the man that owned the farm if he needed someone to help him pick berries. The man said yes and gave Craig his business card... Way to go Mr. C you're AWESOME!

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Chris said...

Hey! Thanks for sharing ~ great pictures! I'm glad that Craig is getting to fly fish some. Aaron would have liked to take him fishing more often than they did.
Little Miss looks a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e in her princess dress and birthday banner. You sure have a beautiful family. Miss you guys.