Friday, January 18, 2008

Amelia's 4 months today

Today Amelia turned 4 months old and we celebrated by getting her shots. (Not to fun, but I doubt she will remember). Craig and Maddie were so excited to see her today. It's hard they can not be with her all the time, so when they are here Amelia gets her share of lovin.

Madison decided that she was brave enough to get her ears pierced. Craig had his pinewood derby and had alot of fun. James is learning the base guitar and Makenna started a new school. Deborah and Kasey are still experiencing the newlyweds syndrome and loving life and adjustment. Ali has enrolled to go back to school and become a Dietitian. We wish her luck in her new adventure.

As for me I turned in my two week notice and I'm going to work for Bodyworks fitness (Aaron's gym). We are finishing the room above the garage. They are working on the fireplace right now and the carpet is ordered. I'm excited, we have to move everything out of the bedrooms so we can put the new carpet in. Alot of work! But I finally have room for visiters. And for the embarrassing moment, I got into a fender bender this week and my front end needs works. Then today Aaron called and he backed into a pole so his back end needs works. They say everything comes in three's, well let's hope not, this is enough.

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Suzanne said...

Yay Amelia! What a cutie pie.

Welcome to blogging! It's addictive...