Monday, January 7, 2008

Starting Over

Our New Year's Resolution is to stay more connected and close with the family. We miss you all and know that you are anxious to see how Millie and the rest of the kids are doing. Since travel will be minimual this year I hope you will find this interesting and fun. We would love to be there with you but with everything that is going on this year I hope you understand why we will spend most of our time here.

Millie is starting to really get a personality. She loves all the attention she gets from her brothers and sisters. Not to mention from everyone else. The few months that she has been with us she has traveled to Arizona twice and Texas once. Everywhere she has been she has delighted those around her.

Madison finally decided to get her ears pierced. She was so cute as we pulled into the parking lot she said "My heart is beating so hard". She was real excited and is doing a good job of keeping them clean. Craig had his first pinewood derby and came 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. James and Makenna are in the high school scene and are typical teenagers. Can't live without them and hard to live with them. Deb and Kasey are doing wonderful they have been married 5 months and loving life. Ali is in Arizona and busy as ever. We miss her.

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