Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back with the Three Amigos

Today was such a wonderful day......I got to spend the day with my two best friends from High School....We did just about everything together we were pretty much inseparable.

The morning started off with me hurrying to get ready....and with a young one this is a task in and of it's self alone very difficult to do at times. But today she discovered my bag of supplies since we are now officially living out of the suit case.... I guess I should pay more attention to what Miss Millie is getting into.......
Do you remember ROZ in the Movie "Monsters Inc." The old lady that says "I'm watching you always watching you." Well this would apply to my very own Miss Millie.......She discovered my little stash of Panty Liners....she carefully unwrapped one and the without me knowing decided to place that where it belongs.... ON ME..... in the appropriate place......."What the Heck, you did not just do that!" Oh how I laughed and realized they do watch more then you she "Is watching me always watching me!" Which made me really think it's not so much what you say but what you do! Lesson of the day.

OK so back to what went on today.......Miss Millie and I met up with Melanie at Paradise Cafe for was very good but again Miss Millie can only take so much restraint then she is gonzo..... so we packed up and headed to Melanie's house...... Melanie has a little boy Crew that is 3. Miss Millie and Crew decided early on that they have a love hate relationship...... Sharing is such a hard thing at this age........ Thanks Melanie for the wonderful afternoon I just wish I would have remembered my camera.....

Later on after Julie got off work we (Miss Millie and I) headed over to Julie's house. We then headed out to dinner at Famous Dave's....once again Miss Millie could only be restrained for so long and this time she was much worse only because it was closer to her bedtime. So once our food arrived we asked the waitress to box it up so we could go home and eat it without trying to fight a fussy baby........Then once in the car I said to Julie "Let's go for a ride that will put Miss Millie to sleep." YA RIGHT.....I really believe Miss Millie is very smart and understands way more then I think she does.......did she go to sleep OH NO she didn't........but we did stop at Cold Stone to get another treat in Scottsdale......(because we went for a ride).

Miss Millie Happy While Waiting For Her Food!

Miss Millie Starting to Lose Her Patience......She is Very, Very Tired

Back At Julie's House With Our Bags of Goodies

Oh How Miss Millie Loves Salad......How Nice of Julie to Share.

Once back at Julie's we then devoured our food and Miss Millie was happy and content to be roaming free from restraints......Julie and I was able to relax and visit about High School day's.......

Thanks Girls for a wonderful just visit and relax and LAUGH!


Pedaling said...

that is so funny about the panty liners...haha
and julie looks the same!
what a fun time-
you are a blogger, girl- do not forget your camera...i love to seet he pictures!

Chelle said...

Glad you had such a fun filled day! Thanks for sharing pics.

Shauna said...

Thanks for sharing :) ♥ HUGS ♥