Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fun Filled Week

This last week we were able to attend several Major events.....the First being my sons High School Graduation. It seem like just yesterday I was holding an infant in my arms and looking forward to his life. I remember thinking he would Graduate High School in 2009 and thinking "WOW that is a long time away". Oh how the years go by before you know it. How proud I was of him. Way to go James!

Second we also attended the Open House for the Oquirrah Temple. My Dad, his Sister Judy and her husband Alvin along with Miss Millie, Craig, Madison and Me. We went around Miss Millie's nap time and I was wondering how she would do. Why worry she did wonderful....she Loved the stairs and wanted to climb them all. Madison stated how beautiful she thought everything was and Craig was just so worried about his little sister climbing the stairs and wanted to be close to her the whole time.

And last Craig played his last game of the season and we were glad that Papa was there to take all the pictures as I chased Miss Millie around.

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Shauna said...

Hey woman! I miss you! Hope you are doing well! ♥ HUGS ♥