Saturday, June 13, 2009

This Weeks Adventures

So much happened this week with the family..... A wedding, beesting, swimming, D-Back's game and sadly the passing of my Uncle Craig.... (my Craig is named after him).

Dawna got married on Wednesday and it was so beautiful especially for a June could not have been more perfect.

Craig started building a fort in the orchard.......he spent most of the day out there......oh the memories of when I was a kid.....

Thursday Miss Millie, Craig, Colby and I went swimming and while Miss Millie was walking around the pool she stepped on a bee and guess what happens???? Ouch!!!!! Tears - Tears and more Tears. She did quite well and didn't cry too long. Her foot swelled up for awhile but it didn't take long before she was up and running around.

Friday night was Dawna and Nik's reception...... the setting couldn't be more beautiful. Desert setting, Arizona sunset, a cool breeze, friends and family and YUMMY FOOD! We had so much fun visiting and dancing.......

Saturday night Craig, David, Hannah and I went to the Diamondbacks Game....Hoping that they would win but NO such luck! It was again a perfect evening.

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