Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life at our house this week!

Well I am into day three of my new job and can I say what an adjustment we have had to make. Miss Millie and I are not use to getting up so early in the morning especially Miss Millie. She is really having to adjust with going to a sitter house. It's so sad when I drop her off and she is really confused about what is going on. "This is not what is suppose to happen!" is the look on her face. The first day was OK because she had no clue as to what was going on. By day two she was a little more clued in and this morning....she was really clued in.

Other things that have happened this week.

Colby my brother came back into town for a class and to job search. Not really sure how long he is planning on staying but if it was up to me he would not be going back. I love having family here.

Kenna was in a car accident yesterday. Nothing serious just a minor accident but none the less she was shaken up. But today she went down to the DMV and got her drivers licence. This was an exciting day for her since she has waited almost two years to get it.

James has an infection in his back molars. I am pretty good and not passing out at the site of things but to be honest this one about did me in. Saturday night he came up to me and said "Mom look at this!" He then opened his mouths tilted his head back, pulled his cheek from his teeth and pushed on the roof of his mouth. Out came the most disgusting puss. I about lost my dinner. He asked if I wanted to see it again and the answer was a definite yesterday he went to the dentist and they drained his infection. The worst part is we have to take him to a specialist to get this fixed.....MONEY! OUCH!!!!!

Deborah picked Miss Millie up today so that we could all attend Madison's last football game. It was so cold and the wind was awful. Thanks Deb for all your help. Love ya.

Ali is proceeding with treatments and trying her best to have a positive attitude. She amazes me with her outlook and keeping things together with all that she is going through and will have to go through.

Craig is doing great in school and loves to play with Miss Millie when she gets home. His greatest challenge right now is just getting out of bed in the morning when his alarm goes least he is not alone in the world on this one.

Fall is our most favorite time of the year.....We are loving life at the Riding House!


Chris said...

You poor thing! Chelle's Maddie also had a mouth ulcer that had to be lanced. Sorry to hear about the car accident ~ I'm guessing since she is going to get her license, that she was not driving the car, huh? It hurts my heart to think about Millie having to go to a sitter. How I wish we lived closer! What treatments are Ali having to get? I didn't know she was sick. Aaron says you like your new job so far, so that's helpful! I'm amazed you even find time to post on your blog, but I'm very grateful you do. Hang in there!

CopyKasey said...

Millie is always welcome to come for a "mini vacation" here at our house! I would actually love to be able to spend more time with her before my next phrase of treatment...

We love you MOM!!!