Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Well here it is Valentine's Day and you would think that it was Christmas. We got hit with a huge snow strom yesterday or you might say a whiteout. Car's were stranded on the side of the road, schools were closed, a ten minute trip turned into a 3 hour drive. But did I know all this NO I was home and in bed when all this was going on. Yea!!!!
Today Makenna came by my work and surprised me with a huge balloon that sang "Wild thing" and a snickers candy bar. YUM!!

Had a really good day at work. I am learning so much in my new job. Ernesto has me setting up a new company which is really a blessing. The blessing is that I am currently setting up my own company so what ever I learn that day I can apply to my own. I learned today how to set up search engines. With much research and many phone calls I and I alone set up my very first search engine on the World Wide Web. Now for many this might not mean anything but for me when I have to call Stacie all the time just to work Excel this is pretty amazing.

The joy of my day came at 4:00 when I got to leave work and go and pick up my SWEETHEART AMELIA. I love to see her smile and she planted the biggest kiss on me. Talk about melting your heart. She is my everything.

Tonight I went to dinner with the ward. We all went to Brick Oven. Talk about a crowd and fun. There is such a mixture in our ward and I love it. I went with Joe and Lynda Bye and Max and Nykol Peterson. We laughed and had a wonderful time. After dinner we went to Coney's and had ice cream. I know this is crazy in 15 degree weather but hey it's Valentine's Day.

Nykol and Lisa

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