Sunday, February 10, 2008

Busy Saturday

Our day began with us going to Wally World to pick up a birthday present for a family friend. When we got there we decided to eat breakfast at McDonalds, I know it's not very healthy but it sure was tasty and very entertaining. We sat next to the window and people watched. It's amazing how fun that was but I thought I was the only one enjoying it until Madison said "we sould do this every Saturday, it's fun watching everyone". I don't know why that is but there is just such a variety of people and how they act and behave. After we ate we went shopping and picked out a present. That didn't take to long because Madison knew just what to get. We left Wal-Mart and headed to the Provo Mall. The kids and I went to go see the Hannah Montana Movie. It was 3-D so we all got these funky glasses. Millie was so good during the movie. She just sat in her car seat and enjoyed, she even slept during part of it. SHOCKER since it was so loud. We got home around 2 and did our chores. At 3:30 we left to go to a birthday party. That was real entertaining since we were in Utah and felt like we were in Italty. Everyone was speaking Italian. A bit different but none the less fun. We came home and got ready for bed. It was a very fun day with the kids.

Here is a little video of Millie laughing. She was doing really good until the camera came on and then her attention was on the camera.

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