Tuesday, February 19, 2008


O.K. today was the first time that I loved going to the dentist. WOW I never thought I would say it but I liked going to a dentist. No one likes going right? I had to have a filling on my back molar. The dentist looked at it and asked if I thought I could do this without being numb. I said "I've given birth to seven children so lets try" I then told him "If I hit you then that means you hurt me and you can stop". He agreed and then proceeded to drill. Not one time did I flinch. Next thing I knew he was done. I left the office with my tooth fixed and I could talk normal. No fat lip no drull. And the best part of this was that it only cost $63.00. Not to bad, I was expecting it to be higher.

I just wanted to share this experience because I know we all hate going to the dentists and to have a good experience is worth sharing.

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Chelle said...

Mike got a filling yesterday! Boy was he a big baby. I thought he was going to pass out when he came walking into the waiting room and HE'S STILL COMPLAINING! Obviously never birthed children, huh!