Monday, January 12, 2009

Madison's Birthday

Madison had her birthday on November 22 and I have yet to post or say anything about her..... (I was on hiatis at that time). So this is her spotlight on our blog. Madison is our little entertainer.... Although a lot of it is behide the scenes or should I say closed doors. Madison loves to sign and dance. She loves to be with her friends and she had a wonderful birthday. We had six girls come and spend the night (What was I thinking) knowing that a sleep over really means no sleep at all for anyone. Amazing enough Millie did sleep through it all.
We did our nails which was a big hit with the girls, had cake well it was an ice cream cake. Yummy.... watch chick flicks or should I say teen girls flicks.....and you know what I mean about those. The ones that you will watch over and over and over again until you have every line memorized and when you sleep at night the songs are incorporated into your dream. Yep that is what we watched. There was tons of giggly girls and loud conversations ALL night long.... Then in the morning I got to sing and jump and tickle the girls to wake them up. On my time since they kept me up......They were shocked but we all laughed and had a wonderful morning again talking and laughing. They really are cute girls. Madison has a good group of friends.

We made pancakes, eggs, bacon and hot cocoa for the girls. Then as planned their parents came and picked them up. It was a wonderful 11th birthday.....Madison we love you......

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