Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday Night

I had a wonderful time on Saturday night just Chillin at home with my kids.....

Millie loves the weekend and the time she gets to spend with her brothers and sisters. She hates to go to sleep for fear she will miss out on something fun and special.

Madison spent most the time on the blog reading and visiting others blogs.

I decided to let her start her own blog. She came up with a really cute name "Smiles and Freckles" her blog will be set to private. If you are interested in reading about the life and times of an 11 year old and would like to be invited to view her page please let me know so that we can get this set up. She had the most wonderful time getting everything going and did a very cute job with her blog.

I thought that my evening was going SMOOTHLY, I was working on an accounting project, Madison was on the computer blogging, Craig was watching TV and Millie was sleeping.

At 10:30 everything changed, Millie woke up and was very fussy and was crying until 2:30am.

Craig was playing with a small plastic container and decided it would be fun to put this around his mouth and SUCK really hard.


Needless to say he has a very PURPLE and RED mouth and chin. We were doing all that we could to reduce the Purple and RED but he still looks very silly.

I just hope that by the end of next week it will be gone (Grandpa's funeral).

I am so grateful that everyone is sleeping in unfortunately for me my internal alarm clock goes off everyday whether I want it to or not. It doesn't matter if I go to bed early or late come 5am my eyes open and sleep time is over.

HOPEFULLY tonight Millie will sleep better..........cross my finger!

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