Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Value of Money according to a Nine Year Old.

Yesterday I was driving in the car with Craig (who is Nine Years Old) and having a wonderful
discussion about all the changes that have been going on in our lives.

Mom: "Craig are you doing OK with everything that is going on?"

Craig: "Yes, I just miss all my friends at Orem Elementary."

Mom: "But I'm sure it is easier to be going home to a house where there is a mom there when
when you get home."

Craig: "It is! You know she doesn't have to work!"

Mom: "Oh really that must make it nice for everyone."

Craig: "Ya it's pretty nice. Her husband was killed and they are still paying her."

Mom: "Oh I know but I'm sure she would rather have her husband."

Craig: "Ya but he was a Doctor and made really good money. Like 50 bucks an hour."

Mom: "Really 50 bucks" (I am trying not to laugh, Craig was so serious)

Craig: "Oh I'm sure his check for the month was $250.00." (Now I realize he has No concept of time either)

Mom: "Now wait a minute (teaching moment) you are telling me he was a Doctor? "

Craig: "That's a lot Mom!"

(Trust me I would love to be making 50 bucks an hour)

Mom: "I know that's a lot but didn't you just make $60.00 helping your dad work and you are
only in the 4th grade. That doesn't make sense to me." (Trying to have him see the
concept of time and money)

Craig: "Ya I guess your right he probally made like a $1,000.00 a month. I know it! Now that's a lot of money." (And to a nine year old this is a lot)

Mom: "That is a lot of money."

At this point I realize that time will only help him to view the value of a dollar and maybe the concept of time too (Only through his own experiences).

I love this kid and we have the most wonderful conversations.....

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