Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's Favorites


Last night Miss Millie decided to join me in my bed around 2:30. (I LOVE IT) and around 6:00 I finally talked myself into moving and making any effort needed to get myself ready for the day. I heading out of my bedroom for a few moments only to return to my room to gather some items. Upon returning Miss Millie sits straight up and yells "HI" and then smiles the BIGGEST smile! I ran to her side and we hugged and giggled.....I asked her if she would like to take a shower. I do not know why I ask she has always loved her bath time of course the answer was a head nod YES.

After her shower we went to her bedroom to get dressed, she loves to do everything herself and I let her do as much as possible. When we got down to putting on her shoes I said "Millie let's get your shoes on!" Millie then said her first real word (this being anything other then mama and hi) "SHOES"!

WHAT? Did she just say "SHOES"? So I said "SHOES" only to have Miss Millie walk around the house saying "SHOES,SHOES, SHOES, SHOES".

My babies first real word is "SHOES". I guess I'm not too surprised since one of her favorite things to do since she could move was to play in my closet with all my shoes and once she could walk she would always put on my shoes and walk around the house. I know it's sad when she would rather be in the shoes department at Target then in the toy section. So I can not be too shocked that her first word was "SHOES".

As I was driving to the sitters I wanted to make sure that she understood her new word so I asked "Miss Millie where are your shoes?" Up goes her feet and she reaches for her boots and smiles and says "SHOES" then tilts her head on her shoulder and smiles.

OK it's official she can say and understand "SHOES". Do you think I'm in trouble with her shoe fetish?


Pedaling said...


so cute.

that's a worthy first word!

wendy said...

YUP--------you are for sure in trouble. cute story

Me said...

Indeed you are in T.R.O.U.B.L.E. Its cute though! "SHOES"

SO said...

I think you may have a problem with that being her first word but hey it's all good. Shoes are good.

I was at the blog lunch and I'm just now getting around to visit all the blogs of people who were there. Just wanted to say hi!

Christa said...

It sounds like you have a true girl on your hands if her first real word was shoes.

Chelle said...

What??!! It wasn't CHELBO??