Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steady as she goes!

I am finding new ways to keep myself busy, as if working full time and being a mother of seven isn't enough. I have taken up running mostly to help get in shape and because I can't afford to take up anything else that would cost money. Such as biking, rock climbing, going to the gym etc. On my runs I am finding that I am getting much more out of it then physical exercise.

As I am running I find myself alone with my thoughts, unless Madison goes with me then she will do all the talking and keep me very entertained and informed. As I run I am left alone to my thought I have realized that I can get a lot of peace from them as I turn my thoughts into prays. Many times I have had questions, concerns, frustrations, doubts and goals pressing on my mind. As I focus on these and turn my thoughts into more meditative and reflective thoughts I can find strength and peace. I don't always solve my concerns or get answers, I do however find that as I am strengthen my physical body I am also strengthening my spirit as well.

At one point on my route there is a path that is lined with trees that canopy over the trail. On one side of the trail is a stream that is steady and flowing. On the other side are homes that are neatly manicured. This is my favorite part of my run. On this stretch of the route I find a sense of comfort enjoying the beauties that we have been blessed with, the cool breeze, the sound of rushing water and the shade. My favorite part is the stream, steady, flowing and the sound of comfort, this is much like our lives, we need to be constantly flowing and moving in a direction. At one point the stream seems to be still and not moving at all. Although this is still beautiful it does not capture my attention nor draw a sense of peace as does the rest of the stream that is flowing. When we become still and stagnant we stop the progression of both our spiritual and physical body. As with my steps I realize that it's the small and steady movements that keep us progressing. Although at times I want to give up, it's too painful, I don't think I can do it. I keep going and push through it all knowing that the outcome is well worth it.

I have been loving my new outlet and look forward to progressing and moving forward, small and steady!


Pedaling said...

healthy mind clearing outlets...keep the soul alive.

Lisa said...

I couldn't have said that better....I don't know what i enjoy better, the run or having such wonderful ideas while running...