Sunday, July 25, 2010


Miss Millie loves nothing more then to go to the park every evening and swing on the swings...It seems that is what she lives for. And I love going with her mainly because I love to see her so happy and it gives me something to do in the evenings.

Well today the request to go swinging at the park was the same as every day. So after church was ate dinner and waited for it to cool off enough to go to the swings. Once we were there Miss Millie be-lined it straight for the swings and of course her first request was the famous Under Doggie.....after a couple of Under Doggies I just started to push her. Many times she will just close her eyes and enjoy the motion of the swing going back and forth. She had her eyes closed and seemed to be really relaxing. As time went by I noticed she was really relaxed, I mean really, really relaxed. So much so her head was starting to "BOB" around. I laughed and thought, "Mission accomplished"! I slowly let the swing come to a stop and went to lift her out. She realized what was going on and asked if she could still swing. I didn't think it would hurt to keep going so I began to push her some more....Again her head started to "BOB". Once again I let the swing come slowly to a stop. I slowly lifted her out and gently placed her in the car. We drove home and laid her in bed.

I don't think this will happen again but it was fun to watch her relax and just enjoy her swing to the point of putting herself to sleep!


Pedaling said...

now that's a happy, relaxing ending to the day. :)

Chris said...

I was almost afraid to read all the way to the bottom ~ I thought you were going to say she fell asleep in the swing and fell out! It was good to see her "sleepy-head" on the computer Saturday morning. Now that I know she wasn't in any danger, I'm enjoying reading your post over and over. How sweet it is! Isn't is always the simple things that win over as being memorable? Thanks for sharing. Miss you guys.

Lisa said...

Miss Millie sure loves the keeps us busy and we love it.