Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday, let me begin by saying we had a find princess boots....Miss Millie had it set in her mind that she wanted princess boots to wear with her princess dress.

We came across these boots at Target and Miss Millie was sold...These were the "PERFECT" princess boots to wear with her pink princess dress.

We came home to take a nap before we went to Kasey and JoEll's wedding reception. Well at least I thought we were taking a nap....Miss Millie was way to excited to go to sleep.

So we played and tried to do things around the house to stay busy. By 7 it was time to head out the door...Miss Millie was in heaven, so so so excited to go to the wedding and see the beautiful bride and the fancy cake. We arrived at the reception and it was beautiful...Miss Millie ran to Deborah to show her the new princess boots. Deborah took Miss Millie to see Kasey, Kasey told Miss Millie he loved her pink cowgirl boot...."NO PRINCESS BOOTS" cried Miss Millie. They argued back and forth all the time Kasey had a cute smile knowing he was just playfully bantering with Miss Millie....Miss Millie soon caught on and she to had a smile. The rest of the night Miss Millie played with all her friends on the swing. Especially loving Carson, Miss Millie's new bestest friend and I think the feeling was mutual. Deborah and I sat and visited with wonderful friends and family and had a wonderful evening sitting outside in the cool breeze.

As Kasey and JoEll were getting ready to leave we all lined up and lit sparklers. Miss Millie thought this was the best. She said "Mom, I LOVE IT".

What a wonderful evening and it all started with Miss Millie and her pink princess boots.

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