Friday, October 10, 2008


We all want happiness and dread the thought of rain.
When the sun fails to shine, we worry and complain.
We forget that God above is infinitely wise,
and sometimes our ails are blessings in disguise.
For if we're always happy filled with sunshine and cheer,
our hearts would hold no mercy for others who shed tears.
So when trouble comes knocking, remember to stay strong.
Rainbows always follow the storm and dark clouds never stay long.
~~ Author Unknown ~~

This has been a very good thing for me to do, reflect on my blessings! I have taken the time to stop and appreciate even the smallest blessings. A single breathe of air....a needed phone call, a quick note of appreciation, holding your child, reading good news. Somethings I consider blessings you might think are silly or maybe I should say what I am grateful for but to me they are all blessings in my life for I can enjoy them another day.

I have been blessed with Chocolate, truly my comfort food.

I have been blessed to enjoy the songs of birds.

I have been blessed to enjoy the smell and sound of rain.

I have been blessed with warmth and comfort.

I have been blessed with a good name and heritage.

These are just a few blessings in my small and meager life. To which I am grateful to enjoy another day with those I love, with friends that make me laugh, and all the hugs and kisses my children can give. Today is a Beautiful day!

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Jonnie said...

Chocolate is my very most favorite thing on earth :)