Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day Four Coronado Island

Today we woke up to get ready for church. But what better way to wake up then your daughter kissing and loving on you. I could have stayed in bed for a very long time if I knew that she had the energy and the attention to keep that up. It doesn't get any better then this.

We got ready and headed out the door to attend Sacrament Meeting with my Aunt and Uncle in El Cajon. We arrived with not a moment to spare and this is only because I gave my dad a hard time about wanting to leave so early. Remember I have a one year old that I have to chase, I don't get the chance to just sit and listen to the music before hand. So if any of you remembers what it is like to have a little one my Sacrament Meeting goes something like this. We sit and make it through the opening song. She gets a little restless and by this time is ready for a nap. Having a child that really only goes to sleep when she is in her bed is a struggle when you are having to hold her and entertain her to keep her quiet. Then there is the opening prayer I can tell at this point if we are going to have a good experience or a bad one and this morning when she started to cry during the opening prayer I knew that we were in for the long haul today. After the prayer I stood up with Millie in arm and headed towards the mother's lounge. My policy is "If Momma ain't happy no one's happy". Just trying to teach her that at no point during church is this a playground, or that it is ok for her to throw a trantrum just so she can run around. If she gets taken out then she has to sit. Well she screamed and she screamed and she screamed and I could keep writing this but I think you get the point. Oh if only there were an extra set of hands some days..... After the first speaker and seeing that she was not going to budge on this I proceeded to look of another room that would allow her to walk around and I could at least try to get some spiritual enlightenment.... We found the empty Relief Society room. (Now at this point you are going to say that I must eat my words.) I shut the doors turned up the speakers and sat down and let Millie have her freedom. This was working out perfectly, she was happy and I was relived. With only 15 minutes to spare I got a terrible whiff of something. That's right! Millie had a surprise for me and it wasn't going to be pleasant. Problem.... bag was back in the chapel. So I sat there baring the smell and waited for the meeting to end to head back to retrieve the bag. Once all was said and done and feeling like I had listened to just enough to fill part of my spiritual bucket we headed over to the nursing home to visit my Grandmother. "98" years old. She just lit up when she saw Millie. Over and over again she kept pleading to hold her. We sat and visited with her but of course she really doesn't remember anything so all the visiting was going on between the other adults and Grammy and Millie just did their own thing. Almost like one child to another. Millie was sharing her Cheetos with Grammy and sometimes Grammy would get upset if Millie walked off to soon with her Cheeto in hand. I think that when Christ said we must become like little children to enter into his kingdom he was in reference to what happens when we become old. I love this lady and I still remember her as an elect lady with all the poise and passion for life. This is just a shell that she has become but inside sleeping is the lady that I love and remember.

After visiting with Grammy we heading out to eat. I know it's Sunday. After eating we headed back to the condo to let Millie sleep and let the rest of us relax. We were driving in the car and I was seating next to Millie and in one second she was playing and the next she was out like a light I laughed so hard. It was so funny, just like in the movies. Oh my sweet little angel. My parents decided to rest in the condo and I headed to the beach to (you guessed it ) READ..... This was so relaxing that I actually feel asleep for a while. I did get my reading in and enjoyed listening to the sound of the ocean when I realized that I was freezing so I summoned for a jacket to be brought to me. (Just kidding) I asked if my Mom could bring me my long sleeve shirt. This I did for two reasons. I was cold and I wanted some company..... It worked out perfectly and we sat and visited for a while.

We decided to head back and by this time my brother David had arrived from Arizona. He is in San Diego this week on business. Oh my gosh did Millie light up when she saw him...... Hug, hug, hug..... and giggle, giggle, giggle..... Playing hide and seek with Uncle David became her favorite. We headed out again for dinner. (I know it's Sunday) but when your hungry you gota eat, right? We headed to the a really good hamburger joint on the Island it is the Burger Lounge and it is everything that we heard.... OK we were just walking up the street trying to decide on a place to eat and a couple sitting outside this place told us this will be the best burger you have ever eaten. (I wondered if they were paid to sit outside and say that.) We decided to give it a try and it was worth the try. I think that every time that I make this trip I will be having at least on of my meals at this place. YUMMY!

We ate and enjoyed the company and Millie enjoyed feeding David and I...... then we headed for the beach to take one last evening walk. It was a little cooler so we put on our jackets and it was so much fun.. Millie was so excited that David was there and proceeded to play with him and laugh.... She started doing this really funny laugh with him and I wonder if this will be just their little thing. After enjoying the beach we again headed back to the condo to see if we could put our little tornado to rest but NOPE!!!! She was still wanting to play.... Finally after the second attempt she decided she was tired and out she went. We pulled out the Rook cards and everyone had to teach me how to play. We had a lot of laughs and fun playing and surprisingly I was on the winning team, Thanks to David.....

This has been the most relaxing and wonderful trip. Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me to relax and enjoy the moment..... Love ya, tons.

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Jonnie said...

WOW!! You guys had an action packed weekend! Thanks for blogging about each made me REALLY want to be at the beach. I love love LOVE the beach! I can totally relate with the tantrums in sacrament, the feelings of loneliness, the mixed feelings about all the wedding're a great mom and woman and you deserve the very best out of life! You have an amazing family and your little bro is too bad either :) Blogs are for real feelings, good or bad...not a christmas card where everything is perfect, because we all know that real life is not! Have a nice day!