Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day Two at Coronado Island

Today is my DAD'S BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy Birthday Dad...... We Love You.

We lounged at the condo until 12:00. Millie took a very long morning nap. This is a combination of not sleeping well at the sitters and having a sever reaction to her MMR shots and not sleeping well at night. Poor thing she really is a good trooper and still loves all the excitement that is going on. We loaded into the car and headed to find a bookstore to get some good reading. OK we traveled to San Diego to be in a bookstore. What can I say. We went to a really neat outdoor mall and pulled into the wrong parking garage. But the attendant being a nice guy let us go ahead and park there for the price of $15.00. Expensive parking for just a couple of hours. OUCH! We walked around the mall and around down town San Diego. We found our bookstores to which none of them had the book that I was in search of. UGH!!!! But I went ahead a purchased another book that a good friend of mine recommended. "The Five Love Languages" so far I am on chapter five and loving it. Thanks Karen.

After we left the mall we headed over to the pier. Millie again fell asleep so we put her in the stroller and just sat outside under the shade. I don't think that I was very good company for my dad. Give me a good book and goodbye. I was glued to the book, but I don't think he minded, the scenery was beautiful, the weather was amazing and the people were entertaining. Especially the men on bikes giving tours. They were quite the pranksters and were joking with their paying passengers. Going down the hill and telling them that their breaks are broke and soon they will have them fixed so if anything happens don't hold it personal. The girls screamed and the guys just laughed. We were sitting next to the Bob Hope Memorial. OK for us that are older we know who this amazing man is but for the younger generation they have no clue. A young man was talking to his parents and was saying "Look mom they are calling this guy Bob, that is funny, who is Bob?" Talk about generation gap. Millie decided to wake up and she was ready to go. We got her out of the stroller and she was loving it. She wasn't quite sure about the statues of the soldiers but non the less she loved walking around and again being the center of attention.

After we left here we headed for the airport to pick up my mom that was flying in. We pulled up and there she was. We talked about going to Old Town San Diego for dinner. We could not remember where it was so my dad loaded it into his GPS. We discovered an amazing thing about the GPS. They are amazing backseat drivers. My dad was trying to get there on his own and was trying to avoid the 5 which the GPS wanted us to get on. So he kept turning down streets and not listening to the GPS. Finally the GPS said "recalculating your destination, make the next illegal U-turn." We busted up laughing. My father was frustrating the GPS. It kept spitting out directions to which my father was not listening to. And it didn't help that I kept pushing the talk button so that she was constantly repeating the direction to go. He finally gave in and started to follow her directions and we were there in no time at all. Why do men have such a hard time taking and following directions? But it was so funny that it was worth all the confusion.

We found a parking space in the very packed parking lot, due to the fact that I had my mom stick her head out and ask a girl if she was leaving. She said yes but took her sweet time while she was texting on her phone. I guess it is better to wait in the parking lot then to have her texting on the freeway. We got out of the car and by this time Millie and I were starving. Again we headed to a Mexican Restaurant. (Do you think we like Mexican food?) We found this cute outdoors Restaurant and had the best chips and salsa (HOT) so just bring be a jug of water. While we were eating the Mariachi band came to our table to play us a song. They asked what we wanted to hear and I told them just play anything. (I don't know Mexican Songs.) They asked if they could play something for the little girl and I said sure...... Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer is what they sang. OK I know what you are thinking.....What the heck this isn't a Mexican song. But it was a crowd pleaser..... Everyone was laughing and singing along. Millie was the center of attention. She was dancing and memorized by the men playing their instruments. People were taking pictures, me included. From then on where ever they went to play and sing Millie was watching and dancing and having a good time.

This was so much fun and I didn't want it to end but like all good things it did. We headed back to the condo to get some rest and relaxation. What a wonderful day.

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