Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A day to ponder

Have you ever just had one of those days when you ponder "What is Life About?" Today has been that day for me.... I often just go through the motions that day to day living brings. Wake up, get showered and ready for the day, wake up kids, drive to work, work, drive home, make dinner, help with homework, throw some laundry in and hope that you remember to put it in the dryer before you have to re-wash it again and again because you forgot, play with the kids, read (if you can stay awake) and go to bed, some nights your head hits the pillow and your out like a light, others that little voice in your head won't stop thinking and you can't go to sleep.

But when you take the time to look at something and ponder the greatness of just a single flower, or the snow peaks on the mountains, a child laughing because they got ice cream on their face, two friends laughing in the car and your wondering what made them laugh, an older couple holding hands and you are wondering what their 80 years of life as been like.

I can honestly say I love my life, I love all the opportunities that lay waiting for me. This weekend I took the chance to listen to all four sessions of General Conference, to really listen to what was being said and my heart was so full of love and a greater desire to do better at just being me.... I felt as though the Savior was speaking to me (as I'm sure everyone else felt the same) I felt the love and concern that the leaders of the church have for me and everyone that I love. I didn't want this Conference to end, I wanted that feeling to continue. I am so greatful for the council that was given to us to become Unified and so much more. I can not remember ever feeling more love and peace, maybe that is because I finally stopped to really listen to what was being taught.

Life is short, too short and just when you think everything is going your way we are pushed a little more.... I am aware that "life is just that LIFE". We come to earth as spirits to have a mortal experience. So what experience are we going to create for ourselves. What are we going to be remembered for when all is said and done......

I know for me it's day's like today when you stop to really enjoy life and watch all the wonderment around you and you know your purpose. Let us take refuge in the plain and simple things. And stop to love the one's that really count.


Brando said...

Sounds awesome, I felt very inspired and uplifted as well. As long as days like that keep happening, we are on the right track, and nothing else matters, right? That is the trick though, to get those days requires our extra effort to come to the Lord.

It is nice to see your blog, as I have not looked at it for a long time. Thanks for taking the time to blog.

Jonnie said...

Very beautifully said. I'm glad that you enjoyed conference and was able to find peace and solace in the words that were spoken. I, however, was forced into going camping and have not been able to sit down and watch my tivo'd conference! I hate missing it, it's so much better when it's live! Love all the fun quotes, too!