Friday, October 17, 2008

Day One in Coronado

UGH! I had just typed this story once already and failed to save it and then the computer crashed and I lost everything that I had just typed and as always you can never write things the same as the first time. Hopefully this time I can redeem myself and my frustrations. (I will remember to hit the save button more often this time)

Millie and I left Thursday morning for our wonderful and much needed vacation. We woke up at 3:45 to get ready to leave for our flight at 6 am. Millie has become quite familiar with the routine of the airport and I must say that I have become very familiar with this routine also. While running through the airport with child in one arm and a bag over my shoulder pulling a suitcase and car seat behind has become something that is becoming easier and easier to do. I am sure that we are quite the sight, everyone was watching and it is probally because they are just checking out the cute little girl in my arms. We check in and head for the clearance. We strip down and again we do this with ease. We have learned to simplify and can do this one handed. Millie knows the routine by now and knows what needs to be done and is quite patient with all that we have to do to get on the plane. She is an amazing traveling companion. We headed to our gate just in the nick of time and loaded onto the plane. We sat next to a wonderful lady that we engaged in conversation. Before we knew it we were off in the air and Millie was out like a light. It was a pleasant trip for all especially Mom. Millie slept during the whole flight and didn't wake up until we landed in Vegas.

We had time to spare in Vegas, there was an 1 1/2 lay over to which we walked around the airport and looked at things and people (we are big people watchers). Millie was the center of attention with her talking and dancing. She was very happy until we were told that we were ready to board the plane. Wow she didn't like that and started to scream and I mean scream. She screamed while we sat on the plane and waited for the other passengers to load the plane. Needless to say no one wanted to sit by us and can you blame them. I must have had a look of concern on my face, the older lady sitting in front of us turned around and told me to relax that everyone was understanding. I'm not so sure, the three business men sitting in the isle next to me kept looking our way. I'm not sure if it was a look of concern or compassion. Either way Millie was upset and everyone on that plane knew it. We were cleared for take off and we weren't in the air for more then 2 mins and Millie decided she had enough and was out like a light. I don't know if that was an answer to prayers from probably everyone on the plane or just pure exhaustion.

The flight was wonderful and we landed in San Diego with a loving father waiting for us. We loaded the car and headed for the condo on Coronado Island. Coming over the bridge was breath taking, the fog had rolled in and it was beautiful. Millie was excited to have her freedom and quickly became familiar with her new surroundings. After she felt comfortable with her new home she decided she was tired and took a nap for the next three hours. This was much needed for both her and I.

When she woke up we threw on our shoes and headed to the beach. Millie couldn't wait to be down on the sand walking around. She was Oohing and awing over every little thing. She was so excited and wanted Papa to know how excited she was. She loved walking on the sand and discovering all the new things around her from the birds on the beach to the sea shells. It was quite the adventure for her.

We walked up the beach and headed to Main Street for dinner. We found a cute little Mexican Restaurant and ate outside. Millie decided that she loved avocado salsa. Papa gave her a bite of his avocado to which Millie loved, then with the second bit she decided that she had enough and let us know. We all laughed even Millie found the humor in her actions. After we had our fill or dinner we headed back towards the condo and walked through Hotel Coronado. It is such a beautiful hotel and the atmosphere is amazing. One day I would love to come and stay at this hotel. Millie again was Oohing and Awing with all the beauty that was around us.

We arrived back at the condo to relax and get some much needed sleep for the night. I am so blessed to be surrounded with the ones that I love.

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