Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just Couldn't Get Any Better Then This!

You know when you go to pick up your child at the sitters and they are so excited to see you and you can't get to them fast enough. Then they throw theirs arms around your neck and kiss you and hug you and smile the biggest smile. Then you go to the car and all you hear in the back seat of the car is giggles and this talk that sound like aliens speaking. Kind of a cross between Spanish, Chinese and English...... You hear them talking and you know that they are trying to communicate to you about their wonderful day and all the adventures that they had and they are sure that you are understanding every word because you are just talking right back. Having a full fledged conversation that really doesn't make any sense to either one of you. But it is basically one of the best conversations EVER!

I get home to see that my yard is getting some new landscaping and I am so excited because I really hated my front yard. Now all the wood chips are gone so when I mow the lawn I won't come away with battle wounds from the chips smacking me just about anywhere imaginable. I go inside and I hear "MILLIE'S HOME" and the kids hurry to take her out of the car seat. Which really isn't fast enough for anyone. Then Millie wraps her arms around Maddie's neck and gives her a huge hug and tons of kisses. She then puts her down and off she goes! Millie is home and taking control of the house. After being home for just a few minutes we again place Millie in the car seat and head to Wal-Mart. Now if anyone knows the Wal-Mart by my home. It is probably one of my least favorite places to go. I HATE IT THERE. So we hurry through the store to make our purchases and of course we just went there for three items and walked out with a basket full of things. Did I tell you I HATE IT THERE. But the entertainment was the cutest little girl sitting in the basket, MILLIE. We would walk a little then she would want one of us to lean over and give her a kiss. Can you see the game that we started. I'm sure we looked silly but how can you pass this up. Madison needed to get a pair of shoes. It seems like we are buying her a pair of shoes about ever three months, she is growing like a weed. We get to the shoes section and I put the basket to the side so that we are not blocking the walk way and I proceed to help Madison pick out what she wants. Then to my amazement I hear a crash and look over and Millie is just grinning from ear to ear. She had pulled down a small box with about twenty pairs of shoes. Now just a little side note on Millie, she can spend hours in my closet just playing with my shoes. SHE LOVES SHOES. So for her this pretty much was the greatest discovery. How can it get any better for her. We hurried and made the purchase and headed home to make dinner. Madison needed to get a report done so I helped her with that and Kenna fixed dinner for everyone. Millie got her banana and was again the happiest little girl. Since I was trying to focus all my attention on helping Madison I decided to give Millie a piece of the banana thinking that she would just eat it. OH WAS I WRONG..... OK you are all thinking "What was she thinking?"..... you see what is coming next don't you? Yep that's right we had banana everywhere and again the happiest little girl ever. She was smearing it all over the floor, cabinets, her and I'm sure in a couple of days I will find more places that she smeared it. We got it cleaned up but not without tears of disappointment. Boy was she MAD. Maddie got her report done on John Wesley Powell and I got an email from her teacher today saying she did a wonderful job with her report and her presentation. I am so glad that is over..... she was very stressed the last couple of days. And I'm sure she is relieved that she has that out of the way.

Life was very fun at my home last night and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

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