Friday, February 6, 2009


Music can stir such an array of emotions.....

During the day I listen to and usually I will listen to Michael Buble....

LOVE that swing era music.

Then I get in my car and blast Nickelback or Ozzie.

When I get home I love to listen to Josh Turner or Colbie Caillat on pandora.

Saturday nights I like to turn into Showtunes on 106.5 my kids think I'm corny but hey when there is a load full of teenagers and you start singing a song from "Anne get your gun" and the best is "Lion King" and then the whole car is singing along..... rockin to showtunes...... Gotta love it.

What is even better is all these re-mix songs that they are doing. When you know ALL the words and your kids thinks that it is a new song. "How do you know this song?" and your response....."I'm just too cool." They have that stare down with the jaw dropped..... "Mom, no way." and all the time you are just chuckling and the look and amazement on their face.


Jen said...

I don't get that from my kids yet, but I have gotten it a time or two from my students in my class. It's very fun to "act" like I'm cool!

Chelle said...

"Ain't it funny how a melody can bring back the memory. Take you to another place in time. Completely change your state of mind!"-Clint Black