Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cell Phones

Last night Makenna stayed with me so I had the opportunity to drive into work with her today. We had a wonderful conversation (I miss riding with her). She made me laugh at a story that she relayed to me and it got me thinking about what our society has come to.

Modern Convinces, Are they really convinces?
Makenna was thinking that James was still on his way home from school. She started to text him to see how he was doing. They carried on a conversation for quite sometime.

Finally James texted her asking "Are you home?"

Kenna answered "Yes and you?"

At that moment they both emerged from their rooms only to discover that they were only a wall away from each other the whole time. A good laugh erupted from both, turning they went back to their activities and the conversation stopped.

Have we gotten to the point that all of our conversations happen through text messaging, IM, email, facebook, my space......? What has happened to having a conversation over the phone, face to face.... is it a dying art? I don't think so and I would hope not. There is nothing that can replace the human touch, the human emotion.... You do not get that from text messaging or even emails. I have found through text messaging something that you said was taken totally the wrong way because it lacked the emotion behind what was said. Depending on the mood of the receiver is how that message is read. Hence a lot of problems can arise from little short messages that are trying to pack a lot of meaning. It just doesn't work.

Cell phones are great.....I don't think at this point we really can function without them. I would hope that our communication with each other doesn't turn into little abbreviations otherwise one day we will have a conversation that would go like this.
Girl: HRU (How are you?)
Boy: AAF (As a matter of fact)
DBAU (Doing business as usual)
Girl: GAS (Got a Second?)
Boy: WU (What's up?)
Girl: DUR (Do you Remember)
Boy: RW (Remember What?)
Girl: ROTFLUTS (Rolling on the Floor Unable to Speak)
Boy: dood (dude)
LOL (Laugh out Loud)
SRSLY (Seriously)
Girl: DNR (Dinner?)
Boy: FBF (Fat Boy Food e.g. pizza, burgers, fry's)
Girl: WH5 (Who, What, Where, When, Why)
Boy: CML (Call me later)
Girl: SYS (See ya soon)
Boy: PZ (Peace)

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