Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Night Dance Off

So today was a very busy day but we still found the time to have some fun with all of us being so tired. We turned on the music and away we went DANCE TIME. Hands down Millie won every one's heart and laughter. Her chosen partner was her doll around and around they went. Ali's chosen partner was Ziggy, what a pair. Makenna and I just popped around and laughed at how cute they all were.

Millie is sporting her new PJ's from Old Navy. I went into Old Navy today and they were having a 50% off kids clearance. I picked these up for $2.49 WHAT A DEAL. Love it when I can find deals like this.


Pedaling said...

i love good deals too, and those are so cute! fun times.

wendy said...

Cute photos---it is fun to see the little kids dance. Dancing is a good way to just "let it all out" I AM A TERRIBLE dancer. OMG

Chris said...

Lisa, You can ask any one of my offspring about how much I love a good deal ... congrats on your prowess.
As ever, dancing is a healing property of life. Dance on, Amelia! Aaron says you are a phenomenal mother. I can see why. Thanks for posting regular blog entries for those of us far, far away. Love, Chris