Thursday, February 19, 2009

Family Circus

I purchased a new car seat for Millie at Target. She loves her new big girl seat. She can face forward to watch me and better yet she can actually see out the window instead of looking at the roof of my car. There has been many oohs and awe's coming from the backseat.

Along with the growing experience comes some changes: instead of me caring the car seat with Millie in it inside she can now walk. She has become accustom to this new aspect of her life. But as with all kids this is not a short and straight process. Yesterday I was reminded of Billy's adventures in the comic strip Family Circus. Millie has to look at everything, make her marks in the snow, pick something up, set something down, look at something else, make some more marks in the snow with her shoes, pick something up again, set something down and so on and on and on. After about 10 minutes we are finally at the door, she has to try to open it herself, then going up the stairs has to once again be accomplished alone (with mom right behind her of course).

Once inside the adventures continue the same as described above except this time inside. She defiantly is busy and when she finally decides she has had enough she is out like a light.

I love this stage of new discovery she is going through it makes slowing down to enjoy the little things even more enjoyable.

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