Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little Miss Independent

Little Miss Millie is also LITTLE MISS INDEPENDENT........

I wonder where she gets that from? It CAN NOT be from her parents.

She is always wanting to do things on her own such as eat, bathe, brush her teeth, get in her car seat, get my drift.

LITTLE MISS INDEPENDENT is also very neat, she has to clean up after herself with everything that she does. Picking up her toy's, throwing things away (I have to watch this very closely) and she loves cleaning up spills with a towel. Sometimes I think she creates spills on purpose just so she can clean. Now remember she hates being dirty and messes....and she knows how to hold and handle a towel better then Craig.

Sunday night we had Jello with dinner, MILLIE LOVES JELLO (as all kids do). As she was eating the jello she realized that if was really wiggly and would not stay on the spoon. She was chasing the jello everywhere. This took time and to an adult jello really is not worth that much work. But to a child PATIENCE.......and the practice of learning the whole hand to mouth coordination results in YUMMY REWARDS.

Last night we had scrambled eggs and once again LITTLE MISS INDEPENDENT wanted to do everything herself. From preparing the eggs to eating the eggs. This time she found more success in eating and less chasing. Although you know the old expression "Egg on your Face" well she had it going on, all over! And you can always tell when they are done eating the food takes on art forms. First they start squeezing it in their hands, then they start making a pile on the table and the last can make for quite interesting art if they are allowed to continue. The throwing of food on the walls, floor, ceiling and just about anything around. I am happy the Millie has not yet discovered this form of creativity yet.

One quick note to SELF, bath time is always better after she eats then before.....

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Chelle said...

She certainly keeps you on your toes! Can't wait to see her SOON!!