Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

For all Arizona fans this was an EXCITING day.... Our first time to the Superbowl. All the excitement and buzz of a team that has made a huge comeback. We love our Cardinals and are so proud of the progress that they have made as a team.

Millie woke up Sunday and we had a wonderful morning just playing and dancing and singing. We ate breakfast and got ready for church. She was amazingly good for me today in Sacrament. She sat on my lap for the most part of church which was so surprising but I was loving the opportunity of listening for once. She would open up the Hymn book and sing right along with everyone. She sure is growing up.
After Sacrament we left to go to our Priscilla's house to watch the big GAME...... There was tons of food, laughter and fun, Millie was so excited that there was chips and salsa YUMMY.
Carolyn THANKS for cheering my team on with me, we had so much fun and I think we taught Millie how to scream and cheer (she loves her new voice)...... It made it more fun having the excitment there..... the bantering was awesome between us all... Good sportsmanship..... Millie had a blast playing with everyone's cell phone and if you got a call that was unexpected we do apologize. Although you would have heard a sweet voice on the other end. Mikaela and Savannah were wonderful to play with Millie and she loved it. She even warmed up to Ken......but we were too slow in getting the cute picture....

We left tired and full a very fun evening. Although our team lost we could not have been more proud of their accomplishments and the exciting game we witnessed......

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