Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Precious Gift

There comes a time in ones life that something beautiful and amazing happens. It teaches you love, understanding, joy, sorrow, sacrifice and unity. We have been blessed to have such an experience happen in our lives this week.

I am so humbled this week because of the actions of my daughter, she has taught me so much in these last nine months. And then this week I have been so touched by her amazing strength and out pouring kindness. She has demonstrated the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

A new family of three has forever been touched and their lives have forever been changed. But the change does not stop there, change has come to so many. I know for me my heart is so full of love for my beautiful daughter for her strength, her love and commitment. Adoption is the most amazing experience I think I have ever been apart of to see the joy on a woman's face who thought that she may never hold her own child. To see tears in a grown mans eye's who is looking at his new child. To hear my daughter ask the adoptive mother if her (the adoptive mother's baby) was healthy. For this child is theirs, she was just the source used to get their child to them.

We have experiences that happen in our lives that can forever bring blessing and will strengthen us and in the end bring comfort. After living through this experience I truly feel that the Lord's hand is in all things. I am grateful for a wise and brave daughter, for her courage to do what she felt was in the best interest of everyone. We have loved getting to know the adoptive parents and could not be more happy with her choice. They are truly amazing people and I am positive this week has been the best week of their lives. I know that this is a week that I will never forget for the experience has been sweet and comforting.


Pedaling said...

beautifully written, lisa.
i am glad to hear all is well.
what a blessing adversity sometimes can end up being.

wendy said...

Lisa, what a wonderful story. Glad to hear baby is well and daughter too. And yes indeed, what a wonderuful gift for those adoptive parents. That must have taken alot of courage from you daughter. Hugs to all of you. By the way ----I don't believe you have had 7 childern??? 7 you are amazing.

The Farmer's Wife said...! We had a very difficult time getting our kids and thought about adoption, we have had two babies in our home awaiting adoption, it is a blessed thing. Hugs to you for your strength and hugs to your darling daughter who gave that wonderful gift to special people. Thanks for your story!

Christa said...

This is exactly how I feel about adoption. You can most definitely see the Lord's hand in it. Thank you for sharing this. It was beautiful.